is VNC legit Should I be Concerned

  geewis357 22:49 25 Mar 2005

Earlier this eavning I started a post on networking wishing to view the desktop screen and was advised to download VNC. After reading some other posts it has led me to thinnk it could be used as a hack? Should I remove this.

  LastChip 23:09 25 Mar 2005

VNC is a program designed to be used for remote access. However, that cannot be achieved without your consent. (I'm assuming you mean either Real VNC or Tight VNC).

Forgive me, but your post isn't very clear on what you were trying to achieve. Quote "I started a post on networking wishing to view the desktop screen". Who's screen? Do you mean another computer within your own network, or another machine elsewhere or what?

If you were using it for someone else to access your own machine, then there certainly would be a security risk, unless you knew that person to be totally trustworthy.

  geewis357 23:15 25 Mar 2005

Thanks lastchip

The two pc's are both my own and I wished to view the screen on my desktop from my networked laptop. Having said all that it doesn't seem to work.

  LastChip 23:29 25 Mar 2005

you need a VNC server on your desktop and a VNC viewer on the laptop. click here for an overview.

Having said that, if you're running either W2K or XP, they have that function built in called Remote Access.

  geewis357 23:32 25 Mar 2005

Thats a good point I could use remote access, I should have thought af that first. Thanks

  hugh-265156 23:46 25 Mar 2005

i have XP home and use real VNC often and I think its great. It is much faster than using remote assistance which i find very slow in operation compared to VNC my opinion and VNC works even if the other party uses a different OS than XP.

set up a good password, allow it access in your firewall and its as safe as anything else to use.

  geewis357 23:50 25 Mar 2005

I never thought, I should have known beter, I should have instaled VNC on the desktop. Sorry

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