VNC Does anyone know haw to work it

  geewis357 23:40 07 May 2005

I have two pc's networked a desktop and a laptop both XP pro and the LT uses the DT. My doughter is taking an intrest with the internet but when I walk into the room she changes back to the home page. I have been told I can use VNC to view the desktop. I have loaded it on to bothe pcs but cant get it to work. Can anyone please help.

  dogbreath1 00:20 08 May 2005

I installed this prog with the intention of having a play with it! But I didn't get round to it. Also for the record, Sunbelt's Counter Spy sees it as spyware although I hanent formed any firm opinions on this. If you click here you will find a VNC tutorial. I hope it helps.

  geewis357 00:24 08 May 2005

Thanks m8, I will check it out asap

  dogbreath1 00:25 08 May 2005

In my last post, please substitute 'have not' for 'hanent'! It's surprising what Kronenberg lager does to the brain when consumed in excess!:)

  p;3 03:15 08 May 2005

I have VNC capabilities on my pc and can understand that it may seem to be regarded as spyware as you are , in one sense "spying " on another pc:)

I am not so sure though that that program is what you are needing if you wish to keep tabs on your ? how old is she? daugher"s behaviour on the pc, ;
hopefully the tutorial will explain that the program allows the accessee ( you) to, as-it-were take over her desktop and pc via "remote control" ; but she will know that you are doing it ; while she is on the lappy and you are using the VNC, she will know that you are, as she will have no control over it once it is running until command control is switched back to her;

I believe that if you are seeking to keep tabs on her behaviour you will need to consider alternatives, including discussing with her her behaviour;

my concern would be; what is she trying to hide from you in that she instantly returns to the home page when she knows you are there; she is feeling guilty about something and does not wish you to see it;

also, do you have protection on the pc"s as you hae no idea which sites she is visitng and what nasties may be lurking on them;

??how old is your daugher?

have you recently run checks on the machines to see if they are still clean? and that none of the protection programs have been disabled:)

  selfbuild 09:25 08 May 2005

I don't know it will work but if you were to share her folder in Documents and Settings, you should be able to view the History folder and therfore see what sites she's been looking at......

  Chegs ® 11:27 08 May 2005

RealVNC is easy setup.You put the IP address of the PC your connecting to,type in the predetermined password,and off you go.Your daughter WILL know your watching,as this program "takes over" the mouse on the remote desktop.As suggested,you would be better sorting out the IE Temp/index dat files,as these will allow you to see where the PC has been,and your daughter wont know a thing.(although she might well chuck a wobbly at your "spying" on her)

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