rdave13 20:09 19 Jul 2013

The more I have to use this player the more I dislike it. Run Win 8 pro and used to use WMP on 7. Since WMP won't play DVDs on 8 I've had to resort to the wonderful VLC player. Now VLC used to play any video, with sound, from a Samsung camera. So far so good. First Samsung camera over heated and died a death and the second lost auto focus. Both now consigned to the 'green filing cabinet'.

Bought a Panasonic camera and the videos are .mov files. Windows Media Player has no problems. Media Player Classic has no problems. VLC plays the home video but with no sound. Have uninstalled, run Ccleaner, had a look for 64-bit version, tried 32-bit version and free Revo doesn't see it.

Oh and I've even resorted to the Quicktime alternative for codecs.

Can someone please help why VLC doesn't play .MOV home video audio files for me. The video is OK but sound is missing. Much appreciated.

  bumpkin 20:42 19 Jul 2013

Sorry Dave, beyond me best wait for sydsnott.

  rdave13 20:51 19 Jul 2013

bumpkin,but for how long? These emails are a burden.....

  rdave13 21:12 19 Jul 2013

Lotvic...... where are thy self? I'm in dire straights...! (Aichbee no comment on my 'likeable rock band' but certainly not the best, thank you.

Unless you really have to.)

  Woolwell 21:52 19 Jul 2013

You don't need to use VLC. There are other free programs free mov player for W8. Quicktime is listed too.

  rdave13 21:59 19 Jul 2013

Woolwell , thanks for that. It's a matter of preference. I want one player to play all. I've already mentioned Windows Media Player plays these files but I thought VLC was an all round player? Obviously not.

I don't wish to install Quicktime player as I've already installed the codecs, reluctantly.

Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

  Woolwell 22:45 19 Jul 2013

I thought that VLC was an all-rounder too. I'll have to download it on my W8 system and try a Mov file.

  lotvic 23:37 19 Jul 2013

Have you had a look at Codec information for Audio? (open vlc, stop the vid from playing and rightclick on the .mov file in the list and choose 'Information')

  rdave13 23:54 19 Jul 2013

lotvic , already tried, no repair option supplied. Don't know why this is happening. Changed cameras from Samsung to Panasonic. Both might use the same format for a camera?

Thanks for your replies, Woolwell and lotvic. One thing I haven't tried is to format the SDHC card within the camera. It still holds images from the Samsung.

I'll backup all, again, and see what happens once I format the card within the Panasonic camera.

Many thanks.

  lotvic 00:07 20 Jul 2013

Dave, - could also have a look at 'Messages' on Tools tab while .mov is playing click here might give some clues as to problem.

I've been int' shed. Mmm homebrew...

  rdave13 00:20 20 Jul 2013

lotvic, glad you're .. umm.. 'happy'. No jealousy here at all. Just back from spending the national deficit in Dibych-Y-Pysgod. :(

Have a look at this, vid and audio codec for a particular home vid on hols.

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