vlc media player

  moorie- 17:07 05 Feb 2007

hi when i play dvd disc the default drive is D cd writer
what i want to set is E dvd writer as default drive
there is no e drive in the drop down menu i have to manually change/ type it to E drive
please can anyone advise how i would do this?

  howard64 17:16 05 Feb 2007

I think this is a bios issue - hit del or whatever key is listed when your pc first boots. Then click on the automatic detect ide devices and see if it detects the dvd drive.

  moorie- 18:02 05 Feb 2007

will it be bios?
dvds start from dvd drive in power dvd / wmp11 and jet audio and if not autoplay the drive is available when selecting play
in vlc the drive is D when playing disc and E is not in the drop down i have to type it
hope that makes sense?

  moorie- 01:03 06 Feb 2007

icant seem to find the solution but by clicking on my computer, dvd drive ,properties ive set vlc to autoplay dvd movies,which is what i wanted ,so my 7 year old daughter can pop a dvd in and watch without typing in the drive letter.
Thus getting the benefits of improved dvd playback/codecs that my other players have been giving me

  Stuartli 01:51 06 Feb 2007

Set the jumper on the DVD writer as the Master and jumper the CD writer as the Slave.

Uninstall both in Device Manager and then reboot.

  moorie- 02:14 06 Feb 2007

thanks stuartli ill give it a shot tomorrow

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