VLANs/Guest Networks - restricting access to my LAN

  smudgesmith1973 12:26 21 Nov 2013

Hi all,

Having real trouble with this one and need some help please?

I'm using a Netgear DGND3700 as my main router which provides my broadband connection. One ethernet port goes into a Powerline socket which enables me to add 3 DGN1000 routers as APs to my home so that I have a wi-fi signal throughout (very old house, thick walls, only way to do it without running ethernat cables around). I want to set up one of the APs with guest wi-fi access so that users cannot see my LAN connected devices (Ipads, Phones, Macs, NAS etc...). I've changed one of the APs for a DGND3300 which supports guest wifi, but as this is set up as an AP, I need to check 'allow LAN access' in the wireless settings to connect to the wifi network as the AP needs to use the main routers internet connection on (at least I think that's why).

Is there any way to set up an AP so that wi-fi connected clients cannot see anything connected to the other APs or main router? I'm wondering if I need to replace the main router with a VLAN capable router and set up 2 virtual LANs, but I don't know if I can establish 2 VLANs over one Powerline connection - i.e are the VLANs specific to ethernet ports on the VLAN capable router so only one could be used for the Powerline networking? I would need home and guest users to both access the internet via Powerline connected APs.

Any help much appreciated. Please note that I am network newbie to I don't get WANs and VPN (yet).

Thank you.

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