vj16 Power Tool

  Way 1 19:21 21 Jan 2003
  Way 1 19:21 21 Jan 2003

I am a complete novice to computers, so could someone please explain the following:
I have downloaded the above Tool and it appears to be working as it should, but my query relates to the FILE TOOL.
There is a search word box and the word Source.
When I click on that particular box I get ALL hard disks, then below this, System temp dir, then below this I get, System dir. Could someone tell me what these three things mean and when should they be used?

Thanks, WAY1

  VoG™ 19:27 21 Jan 2003

May I respectfully suggest that JV16PowerTools is not something that a "a complete novice to computers" should be using, unless there is something wrong with your machine.

JV16PowerTools is very powerful = potential for wrecking your 'puter so that it won't boot up.

  VoG™ 19:31 21 Jan 2003

Having said that, the File Tool looks relatively innocuous.

If you select All Hard disks it will scan what is usually drive C: (assuming you only have one hard disk(.

If you click on the little "..." button just to the left of the drop-down arrow it will list all your drives- floppy, DVD, zip and whatever.

  Way 1 22:46 21 Jan 2003

Thanks for your response VoG. I won't be touching anything unless I am absolutely sure I know what I am doing, but could someone tell me if when doing the scan, are all the files listed under this procedure, Temporary Files or otherwise?


  VoG™ 22:54 21 Jan 2003

The Files Tool looks at ALL files (depending on what you specify in the search box) - care!

The TEMP File Tool is designed to look only for temporary files (or at least those in Temp folders) and is potentially safer.

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