Vivobook Pro N580VD 4k /vivobook Pro N580VD1080p?

  Migs9090 04:23 27 Apr 2018

Hello. I would buy a new laptop. This is my question.. Which kind of computer do you suggest? 1 - Vivobook pro N580VD 4k with ANTI GLARE display

2 The same Vivobook pro N580VD but 1080p with Glossy display?

I don't know.. Some people suggested me to don't buy a 4k display. Other people instead tell me that I will lose. Quality with the anti glare one.

I would a 4k Glossy display but it's not possible as I seen.

Thanks many many thanks :) waiting for your suggestions �/p>

  HondaMan 17:10 28 Apr 2018

Can you try both in-store?

  Forum Editor 14:55 29 Apr 2018

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