Visual Studio .NET (2002) Solution Problem...

  Carl_booth 16:11 05 Jan 2003
  Carl_booth 16:11 05 Jan 2003

I have created an aplication using VS.NET and wish to make it into an executable file to give to friends. Could someone please explain how to make an EXE file from my solution. The solution is Visual Basic .NET based if that helps at all.

  Carl_booth 16:19 05 Jan 2003

Please help me! I have helped many people out on PCA Forums before! Its throwing kindness back in my face. :(

  Andÿ 16:26 05 Jan 2003

I don't think so!!

People can only answer you if they know the answer (I don't) and if they are here!!!

Be patient :o)

Please try not to be offensive as it will not help you get your answer

  ajm 16:30 05 Jan 2003

You make a distributable file by selecting Make EXE File from Visual Basic's File menu. This will create the .exe file. Use File's Exit menu to quit Visual Basic

  Carl_booth 16:33 05 Jan 2003

Thats VB6 stand alone, I have VS. Know what ya mean though. Tanks for tryin'.

  ajm 16:34 05 Jan 2003

you may have to register( Free)

click here

  ajm 16:35 05 Jan 2003

The Least You Need to Know
To create a Visual Basic .NET application, you build a user interface, write the program source code, and then compile the program into an executable file.

You build a user interface by placing controls from the Visual Basic .NET toolbox onto your program's form.

You can resize controls (and the form) by dragging the control's sizing handles, which appear when the control is selected.

One way to display the code window is to double-click the object for which you want to write program code.

When the user clicks a button, Visual Basic .NET generates a Click event. The program code you add to the button's Click event procedure determines what the button does.

The Build menu's Build (or Rebuild) command converts your Visual Basic .NET program into a standalone Windows application

  Carl_booth 16:39 05 Jan 2003

where does it build the file to though?

  ajm 16:48 05 Jan 2003

I hate to be rude, but if you are clever enough to create an aplication using VS.NET u must be able to find how to find out where the exe file will be created. seacrh on the web, on MS support site and you shall find out

  ajm 16:50 05 Jan 2003

Now that Visual Basic .NET has converted your program to an executable file, you don't need Visual Basic .NET to run the program. To prove this, first save your program. To save your program, you have three options. You can ...

Click the Save All button in the toolbar (that's the button that looks like a stack of floppy disks, remember?).

Select the File menu's Save All command.

Press Ctrl+Shift+S on your keyboard.

Now you can exit from Visual Basic .NET by closing its window. Visual Basic .NET vanishes from your screen and is now closed. The executable program file you just created with the help of Visual Basic .NET, MyProgram.exe, is located in your Visual Studio Projects\MyProject\bin folder (assuming you chose the default location when you started the project). Double-click the file, and your Visual Basic .NET application appears on the screen. Go ahead and click the Command1 button to display the message box. It works! Break out the champagne and cheese fondue!

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