Visual Basic exe problem.

  sat481 20:00 20 Jan 2004

I don't know if anybody here can help me, but I'm at the end of my tether with this problem.

I am new to visual basic and have wrote a program for my son's pre-school, for them to manage there students and fees. It uses an Access mdb file hold the database which the program access in a variety of ways.
I have made the exe file and then packaged and deployed it. The program runs fine on my PC (with VB installed) but when installed on the computer at the preschool it comes up with an error box (Class not registered. looking for object with CLSID etc) I have searched the web for answers but I seem to have done everything correctly. The program also works on another computer with VB installed. I do not want to install VB on the pre-school computer as it is from the Ark. The program also fails to run on the computer at work which is modern, runs XP and has Microsoft office installed (Access included)

Any help will be greatly appreiciated.


you need to instal the VB runtime files to run VB programs. A better alternative is to use a self contained language.

  Taran 22:33 20 Jan 2004

If you used any activeX or OCX files as part of your program (CommDialogs and similar are often the culprits and are installed to your system with VB as part of its installation) you either need to include them with your compiled program or transpose them manually and register them on the client machine.

If you post which version of VB you are using it would help.

There are ways of tracing any dependent files, so if your project is using X.ocx [for the sake of argument] which is in your C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder and the computer at school either has a different version of the file or does not have it at all, you get an error.


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