Visual Basic compile error in hidden module

  vanbrugh 13:10 01 May 2003

This error has appeared seemingly out of nowhere in Word 97 SR2. I have tried deleting and reloading Microsoft Word completely and reloading.
I have even tried deleting and reloading the whole of Microsoft Office.
To the unitiated, the help information is gibberish.
One is told that the 'specified module' (what module is that?) cannot be displayed because the 'project' (described as a group of modules! is protected. (what against - not against accidental corruption obviously!) Semantic-wise I am told I have no virus at work.
One is then told to unprotect the project (how do you do that?) and run the code again (what code is that - visual basic? - Which bit? How?)

  VoG™ 18:47 01 May 2003

This is for Word XP - it should be similar in Word 97.

Open Word, Tools/Templates and add-ins

Have a look what's listed and untick the one that is causing the error.

  VoG™ 18:20 07 May 2003

Via e-mail

Have tried suggested course of action and rebooted. Regret there is no change. Is there any other course of action I can try, please?

  vanbrugh 18:08 17 May 2003

I am still awaiting a response this problem that works, the first by VoG did not touch it even though I removed all three 'applets' or whatever you call them!

  VoG™ 09:58 18 May 2003

It may be that the default document template NORMAL.DOT has become corrupted.

Close Word.

Do a search for NORMAL.DOT and rename all instances to ABNORMAL.DOT

Note: you may need to include hidden files and folders in the search to find NORMAL.DOT

Restart Word.

  vanbrugh 11:44 21 May 2003

As far as I can establish, I have now renamed or otherwise got rid of all instances of
Result .... error notice persists! Where to now?


  VoG™ 12:12 21 May 2003

Some more things for you to try click here

  VoG™ 21:22 29 May 2003

Any luck?

  vanbrugh 00:50 30 May 2003

A bit of a hiatus at the moment (not to mention the hernia!) Please keep the enquiry on board. Working through your last wodge of information needs a little time. I am using Publisher pending a solution that works.
However, it could go critical at any time because my key hard disk (C:\) is barely half full but has to be regularly defragged and WINcleaned weekly and RAM optimised daily to keep it going. I want to configure a new larger disk as 'C:\'. Q. Am I going to take the WORD bug with me? Completely reloading WORD from scratch didn't get rid of it, ergo the answer is most likely 'yes'.
The error panel is clearly labelled 'Visual Basic' - why is no one telling me that is where I should be looking for it and how to do so?


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