Visual Basic 6 - run time error

  griffo 19:48 19 Jun 2004

I am trying to load a database that uses Microsoft Access. It installs Access Runtime. At a certain stage in the installation it says:-
Visual Basic 6.0 Setup Toolkit, Run-Time error '75', path/file access error.

Have been to Microsoft website, cannot find any clues there. Can anyone please help?

  QuickHare 20:04 19 Jun 2004

During a file-access or disk-access operation, for example, Open, MkDir, ChDir, or RmDir, the operating system couldn't make a connection between the path and the file name. This error has the following causes and solutions:

· The file specification isn't correctly formatted.

A file name can contain a fully qualified (absolute) or relative path. A fully qualified path starts with the drive name (if the path is on another drive) and lists the explicit path from the root to the file. Any path that isn't fully qualified is relative to the current drive and directory.

· You attempted to save a file that would replace an existing read-only file.

Change the read-only attribute of the target file or save the file with a different file name.

· You attempted to open a read-only file in sequential Output or Append mode.

Open the file in Input mode or change the read-only attribute of the file.

  QuickHare 20:09 19 Jun 2004

The above was taken from the VB5 Help file, under the article "Path/file access error (Error 75)".

I would think that the file is being copied to a file that is either a system file (with the system/read-only attributes set), or in a normal user account and not an administrator account.

Alternatively, installation programs create temporary files from compressed files or from the embedded file in the setup EXE. Maybe the file is deleted before it is getting copied over to the correct folder.

  griffo 20:40 19 Jun 2004

this programme has been written for us. We have loaded it onto several machines so far and it has been OK. The machine that is now giving the trouble is a) remote from the network (connects via VPN) and is the oldest, using W98. All the others use W98SE or XP Pro.
Does that give any more clues?
Thanks for your interest.

  griffo 20:42 19 Jun 2004

Oh - and the other machines were programmed whilst conected to the network, from the proxy server. This one has had the files off a CD (copies were burned on via Nero 5)

  QuickHare 18:55 21 Jun 2004

It could be that the files the Setup programs want to use are Read-only (Copying files off a CD tend to create Read-only files for some reason). Not knowing which files it wants to replace, I can only suggest you set every file as not read-only, install the program then reset them. The ATTRIB command can do this to every file in the folder with the command

ATTRIB C:\Windows\*.* -R /S

then, afterwards,

ATTRIB C:\Windows\*.* +R /S

Of course, I may be wrong. Take a full backup of the computer before attempting to try this (or any other solution).

Also, for others out there thinking of copying systems via CD, use WinZip or other program to dump it on CD. Not only will you fit more files on per CD, but also it preserves attributes perfectly (given the correct option).

  griffo 22:00 21 Jun 2004

thanks - that's done the trick. Also, thanks for the tip re WinZip. We used Nero 5, would that preserve the attributes?

  QuickHare 16:39 24 Jun 2004

I suppose it would have done all but the read-only attribute. This is something Windows sets for some reason, probably because it is coming from a read-only source, such as a CD. It's not Nero that resets it, it is the computer that copies the files from the CD at the end.

This is where WinZip comes in handy. It not only means Windows preserves the read-only attribute, but other advantages include full pathnames, long file name support, handy CRC checking (to make sure a file isn't messed up in transit), searchable (try finding a file on a CD in many folders when you can select it from a list!) and being able to split the Zip file into parts to fit onto multiple discs.

You can then use your favourite CD burner (Nero is fine, as is the hundreds of others out there - as long as it burns CDs fine) to put the file onto CD and transport it that way.

  griffo 19:10 24 Jun 2004

Many thanks again for your help - much appreciated

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