visual basic 6

  Master T 15:19 01 Oct 2005

i got visual basic 6 from my college libary because i need it for my course but when i got to install it , it says setup has encountered a problem and needs to close ive tryed restarting me pc but it still comes up with that message each time. i installed it on my sister laptop and it works on there so the disk isent corrupt but i cant use that. any one know how to get it to work

  Master T 15:48 01 Oct 2005

setup has encountered a problem and needs to close we are sorry for the inconvenience that what it says"cries"

  Access genu 16:28 01 Oct 2005

could you network the laptop and share the CD, then install from there?

  Master T 16:41 01 Oct 2005

how would you share the cd on a network?

  Simsy 16:55 01 Oct 2005

try installing in safe mode.



  Master T 17:01 01 Oct 2005

i tryed sharing the cd but it still wont install

  Access genu 17:07 01 Oct 2005

have you tried cleaning the CD?

  Master T 17:08 01 Oct 2005

yes i have

  Kenneth-266656 17:41 01 Oct 2005

Have you got a cut down version of VB 6 from a book on that subject already installed on your computer. If so uninstall it.

  Master T 17:42 01 Oct 2005

no this is the first time ive installed anything to do with VB

  Kenneth-266656 17:59 01 Oct 2005

If you've got an up to date OS it sounds as though some software you have installed is not compatible with VB 6, or possibly your CD drive is playing up - try something else to test it.

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