Visual Basic 6

  Dunworking 15:41 01 Nov 2004

When I make a back up of my project with a different name to the original, and then work on my original and save the original.
I want to keep the back up as it is, I find the backup has been changed, I dont want it to change until I am satisfied the work on the original is ok.
I am a beginer at VB can anybody help me please.

  Cesar 09:08 03 Nov 2004

Make the original an EXE Project this will gather up all the information neccessary for your project leave the backup as it is, each time you change the original click on EXE again. this will change the original but not the Back-Up.

  Dunworking 18:02 03 Nov 2004

Thanks, but this doesn't quite do what I want. I need to have a prog that I'm working on and also a previous version of it saved so that I can revert to that if necessary. How can I get at the files in an exe program?

I also urgently need to be able to save a whole project on a floppy disk so that I can continue to work on it on another computer. I have tried 'save project as ...' and saved it on the A drive. The version on the A drive works fine when used with the original computer. When I put the disk in another computer I can only access one form at a time and I cannot run the programme.

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