Visual BASIC

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:42 21 Nov 2004

YES,i know im only thirteen,but if i get a head start now,ill be better in the future,right?.well i have ordered Visual Studio.NET from click here perhaps some expereinced users could tell me about it?.id be most greatefull,thanks,ben

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:44 21 Nov 2004

click here is a good site to put in your favourites.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 11:31 21 Nov 2004

thanks gandalf,ill take a good look,many thanks

  smudge101 11:42 21 Nov 2004

I am glad to hear you want to be one step ahead and I agree with what you say.
As a programmer, the best programmers I have met are the ones who enjoy it! sounds simple I know.
I hope you enjoy learning programming, I think the key is to learn the basic principles and then find and interesting project of your own (perhaps a program to predict the lottery! lol)
As for .net I am afraid I am still on VB6 but If I can help I will.
Good luck & enjoy.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 12:26 21 Nov 2004

thanks very much for your support,i should have said the trial edition but if it is any good ill definately save and buy it!,is studio.NET "basicly" the same as VB6.*?.becouse i could buy VB6* off ebay cheap(er),you know - to try it out,i think Studio.NET was £90 or something.i am sure i will enjoy learning it as i did with learning to build a computer,it maybe if i learn VB i could make that lotto predicter!.lol.i will be greatefull with all your help and suggestions,thanks again.ben

  interzone55 12:58 21 Nov 2004

From my quite limited experience Visual Studio.Net is quite a bit different to Visual Basic 6.
I downloaded the new VB.Net Express package a few weeks ago thinking it wouldn't be too much different to VB6, unfortunately it is. So I'm having to buy a copy of VB6, as that's what I'm going to be learning at college.

  smudge101 13:11 21 Nov 2004

Ok, VB.Net is a fair bit different than VB6 and which one you wish to purchase is up to you.
If you just want to do some programming Java is a good place to start as you can download it from and there are plenty of free or cheap editing tools out there.
The thing with programming is to learn the fundamentals ie sequential, conditional and iteration structures, you can then apply your knowledge to any programming language, it will just be the syntax (ie the format) that changes.
I started programming with a language called ADA 95. This is available (along with free compilors for alot of languages) from: click here

  smudge101 13:25 21 Nov 2004

I should add that you need to scroll to the bottom to get to the free downloads

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 13:43 21 Nov 2004

what do you think i should go for?.it seems VB6 is alot more popular and cheaper!,but then is studio easier?.well i have ordered the free trial of studio.NET,so ill see what that is like,cheers all

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:45 27 Nov 2004

MS visual has come i have installed it and i have no clue on how to use it,any help here?.cheers.ben

  smudge101 19:33 27 Nov 2004

A simple tutorial to get you started. click here

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