Vista/XP MS Office compatibility

  GGL 10:37 30 Jul 2008

Hi all.
I was happily running Office 2000 pro on 2 xp machines. I've just bought a new laptop to replace my aging 'Tosh and it has Vista.....mumble, mumble :-(

Office 2000 is not Vista compatible I've discovered, so can anyone suggest which Office version will run with XP and Vista,I only really use Word, Excel and Outlook.

Whether it's me, I don't know but I perfer XP to Vista. So is persevering with Vista best, or is it fairly straight forward to remove Vista and install XP?

Many thanks

  DieSse 10:42 30 Jul 2008

"Office 2000 is not Vista compatible...."

I think you'll find it is.

Do you mean that there's a copy of Office 2007 on your Vista system, and it produces docx files that cannot be read on Office 2000?

If so you can get a file compatability download for Office2000 here

click here

Alternatively , Open Office is compatible with docx files - and is free - Go version here

click here

  oldbeefer2 10:43 30 Jul 2008

2003 onwards are OK with Vista. Alternative is Open Office (and it's free). I don't have Vista, but friends who have and who have persevered have come to like it.

  DieSse 10:47 30 Jul 2008

"Office 2000 is not Vista compatible...."

Straight from the horses mouth

click here

  Papa Goose 11:07 30 Jul 2008

Well DieSse, I haven't actually tried the 2000 pro on the Vista laptop as 'I was told it wasn't compatible. My new machine has a trial version of 2007 bundled on it, but it doesn't have outlook, so that doesn't work for me.

So are you saying if I remove the bundled 2007 and install 2000 pro it will work?

  palinka 11:10 30 Jul 2008

I use MS Office 2000 on a Vista machine without problems.
But as DieSse says, docs written in (say) MSOffice 2003, or 2007 cannot be read by office 2000 whatever computer or operating system you use.
The problem occurs most commonly when someone sends an email attachment written in MSOffice '07/03 to someone who has MSOffice 2000 on their machine; simplest work-around is to ask them to re-send in RichText Format - it can then be opened.
I switched to Vista earlier this year ( a new machine) and had no problems. Easier than XP in many ways, though there are a coupl;e of things that I miss. I still use XP on my other machine. Don't succumb to all that whatever-is-the-opposite-of-hype that flooded into this site when Vista first appeared and people installed it over or in place of Vista. Just use it and get used to it.

  DieSse 11:44 30 Jul 2008

Problem may be that the licence for Office says you can only install it on two systems - the idea being your desktop and a laptop.

You will find Open Office more than sufficient for everyday needs. The Go version I pointed you at has even better compatibility, and faster startup than the standard version.

  DieSse 11:47 30 Jul 2008

When you have more than one system, personally I would have thought that the same OS on both would be preferable.

Issues with putting XP on the new one :-

You've got to buy XP (though look for manufacturers "upgrade" on their site and literature.)

There may be no XP drivers for the new hardware - some newer systems simply don't have full hardware support for XP.

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