Vista won't start

  jaimie 19:00 30 Sep 2007

Having finished my new Vista home premium computer and let it run for a few days, I shut it down to put the sides on and now it won't start. I get a message on POST (with a bit of the screen missing on the left) saying TLDR is missing press ctl alt and delete to restart. This can go on for ever as it produces the same result. I have checked all connexions inside and out to no avail. Anyone know what the problem might be?



  SANTOS7 19:04 30 Sep 2007

click here
Its actually NTLDR, the link may help...

  Forum Editor 19:10 30 Sep 2007

this message almost always points to a hardware problem. The NTLDR (New Technology Loader)takes over where the BIOS finishes, and on a new machine the error usually means that either memory, cables, one of the drives, or even the motherboard itself may be to blame.

I suggest that you double-check absolutely everything - every cable and slot on the motherboard again. if you had the machine running for two days and the only difference is that you put the case sides on then something may have come adrift.

  skidzy 20:21 30 Sep 2007

Have you installed Adaware 2007 and then this problem started ?

This looks like your Bootloader has become corrupt.

If you have the Vista disc,run this and select repair.

  jaimie 20:36 30 Sep 2007

Hi Skidzy. No I have not loaded anything other than MS Office.I have run the repair facility on the Vista CD (several times) but this has failed to resolve the issue. It looks like it may be a motherboard problem, it has a checkered history. I bought a MB bundle with processor and memory from CCL and a PSU last week. The PSU blew as soon as it was plugged in and I think this may have damaged the MB although CCL tested it and said it had not.



  skidzy 20:44 30 Sep 2007

I do not mean to doubt your ability installing the mobo,but you did connect the board headers correctly ?

Different computer but similar issue click here

Have you tried a reinstall of Vista ?

  woodchip 20:50 30 Sep 2007

If it's Sata Hard Drives, I would look for Drivers. Or try loading them from CD that you got with MOBO for Sata

  jaimie 20:53 30 Sep 2007

Thanks Skidzy but everything worked for 2 days and only fell over when I shut it down and restarted it. I have double checked all connexions and still get the same message. If I re-install Vista won't that re-format the drive and lose all my stuff?



  skidzy 21:11 30 Sep 2007

" If I re-install Vista won't that re-format the drive and lose all my stuff? "

Yes,but i thought you did not have anything other than MS office on the computer.
Or do you mean the data you have created.

If possible,try reclaiming the data first by making the drive slave in another computer or use an external caddy or even an usb/sata convertor cable.

For future reference,have a BACKUP plan like Acronis TI 10 or back up to disc .

Have you tried to boot into safemode ?

  Flying Grouse 23:04 30 Sep 2007

Go into bios make sure its booting from your boot drive first and not a flash drive or slave, if it is make your boot drive first. If this fails unplug all drives but your boot and reboot, you should then get a " Vista recovery" message, then all should be well.

  jaimie 09:10 01 Oct 2007

Hi Flying Grouse, I followed your advice and unplugged everything but the boot drive and the comp started up as normal, I will reconnect the CD ROM and the slave drive one at a time then restart to make sure.

Thanks to everyone for another amazing help-room experience


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