Vista Windows Update Problem

  Phoenix40 01:24 15 Sep 2011

Hello i wonder if someone can help. I have a Packard Bell Desktop with Windows Vista installed. Every so often i usually have a number of updates that come through as patches for my windows from Microsoft. But for some reason i am unable to install these latest patches and its causing trouble with my hard drive running. I looked up on the Control Panel for details of the updates and these are the updates.

Two of them are for M/soft .Net Framework 4 on Wins XP, Wins Serv One for Wins Mail Junk E Mail Filter KB9058

The error codes i get are 643 80070663 800f0900

This has only happened after i had installed a new game yesterday which added something called M/soft Redistributable file. But i cant remember the full details because i hope to clear the problem by using system restore. But it didnt work but the game was removed. Its a new game that had just come out.I hope someone can help because i cant seem to do anything with them. I have looked up on M/soft about the problems but i cant find these code errors. So im not sure what to do hope someone can help. If you need anymore details let me know thanks.

  onthelimit1 08:48 15 Sep 2011

Unlikely, based on the symptoms you describe, but do you have a programme from your bank called Rapport Trusteer installed? I've had two Vista machines that had problems updating until this was removed.

  Phoenix40 11:04 15 Sep 2011

No im afraid not ive never heard of it. I agree i dont expect it is any game. It just seem to happen out of the blue yesterday. It keeps coming through automatically on my taskbar and each time i try to download it when i close down my machine it will all start running through again. I had a look at the Windows update tab on my control panel and where it shows the list of downloads it shows these particular ive listed above as failed to install. Do i just keep on trying to install them or is there a way to delete them in the list? If there is no way of dealing with it i will have to reset my computer. Hope someone can help thanks.

  rdave13 00:01 16 Sep 2011

The 643 error in Vista looks like a .Net Framework error. Usually cured by removing all .Net programs, via programs and features, and starting with the latest, down to the oldest, then re-booting and use windows update to reinstall .Net versions but only a few at a time. There can be further problems if .Net can't be uninstalled via p&f so make sure you uninstall from the latest first.

  Phoenix40 23:30 16 Sep 2011

Hello thanks for your reply. I have tried to do as you said to uninstall the different Net files. But the first one i tried wouldnt let me uninstall it. Its the same with some of the other files i tried. It looks like im stuck either way. I have been googling about the different code errors that are affecting me and it seems other people are affected by this problem. So far i have tried the use of different M/S repair tools with no success. I have tried my Malware detecting scan but it picked up no malicious viruses. This is what puzzling me i had no problems with my computer lately no viruses and this suddenly happens when im trying to download the updates. One minute i think ive done it then they turn up again the same four files. And i get this constant clicking noise with my drive. Like it does when downloading the files on the system.I did do another clean registry scan and it turned up same strange files with what look like Chinese writing symbols next to it. I hope someone can sort this problem out i cant be the only one that has this as ive seen on the forums.Thanks anyway for your help.

  rdave13 23:48 16 Sep 2011

.Net Cleanup Tool

Please read the blog. Once cleaned use Windows update to reinstall .Net versions.

  Phoenix40 00:33 17 Sep 2011

Thanks a lot. Ive just been looking at the history list of all the latest updates. It seems things were working fine up to 14th Feb then it started to go wrong when it tried to install the Security Update for M/S Office 2007 System. Thats when it would install the other update. But ive also noticed that by the look of it all of these update files have already been installed a few days ago.So could there be a problem with M/Softs download system like some have said on the forums? If so its knowing how to get rid of them as they keep apprearing on my Startup Taskbar. I will try this Net cleanup tool and let you know. Any ideas about the other files ive listed above much appreciate thanks.

  rdave13 00:56 17 Sep 2011

Office and other programs won't work without the Net Framework. Something has corrupted one of the updates so cleanly removing them and reinstalling via updates should fix things.

  Phoenix40 01:46 17 Sep 2011

Hello just to keep you updated. I used the Net Cleanup tool and it seemed to have worked. But those two Net 4 files seem to have disappeared for now. But it seems im getting other Framework Net files keep coming through to be installed. And im still unable to install that M/S office Work 2007. Nor the Wins Email Junk file either. Ive got two more Framework Net 3.5 to install now. So things are stiil uncertain at the moment.

  Phoenix40 02:14 17 Sep 2011

Hello it seems to have sorted out those Framework Net files for the moment. But it still fails to install those file for the email junk and the Office 2007 security update file. They keep coming back all the time. So hope someone can deal with these later on. Thanks for the help so far.

  Phoenix40 02:54 17 Sep 2011

Ive just discovered on a web site dealing with Wins update problems that you can right click and then it asks you either to copy or hide the files. So i choose to hide the two files for now. And i can restore them later. So that solves that problem for now i hope. So thanks for your help again.

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