vista and windows mail

  OAP65 12:53 04 Sep 2007

I am trying to setup an email on a neighbours computer the computer connects to the internet with no problem. When you try to use the email program it will not connect, after about a minute an error message comes up which reads "Pop3 Port110 Secure SSL No Socket error 10060 Error No. 0x800CC0E" it will occasionally receive emails. The operating system is Vista Home Premium email program is Windows mail, the computer came with Norton pre-installed for a trial period, which has now run out. From day one I have not persuaded the email to work. The Internet connection is Broadband.

  thms 13:08 04 Sep 2007

Go to tools/accounts select your pop account then properties. Go to advanced and see if secure ssl is ticked. If so unselect it.

  skidzy 14:26 04 Sep 2007

I would not disable SSL = Secure Socket Layer

This encrypts any traffic sent from your pc,therefore making it here

  skidzy 14:28 04 Sep 2007

Just to add,you say Norton has run out.

Have you removed Norton totally from the system and replaced with another security suite or freebies.

Some advice click here

Norton removal tool: click here

  thms 14:45 04 Sep 2007

I have just tried enabling ssl on my windows mail and I now get the same error as OAP65.
If I disable it I can use as normal.
Note the wording in advanced states "this server requires secure connection". So I assume this will only work if your server supports SSL.

  skidzy 15:44 04 Sep 2007

Vista and Windows Mail is reknown for its problems and not a reliable fix availible just yet.

Ive tried the registry advice myself in the past and only way i repaired mine was by using another email client.

I decided to use Incredimail free version,i have had past experience with Incredimail and it has never let me down.
To date all is well with my Vista machine and Incredimail.

Incredimail download: click here

Do beaware some Google links still say not Vista compatible,it works fine for me.

  OAP65 17:58 04 Sep 2007

many thanks for all the replies so far, the neighbour who's computer I am having problems with has gone away and will not be back until monday once he returns I will try these solutions I have received so far or any new ones that arrive in the mean time. I will come back onto the help line to let you know how I get on. Many thanks

  Technotiger 18:08 04 Sep 2007

Incredimail works fine with Vista, I set it up on a friends' new Vista PC. Easy-peasy no problem :-)

  skidzy 18:19 04 Sep 2007

thought you may reply to the thread once i mentioned Incredimail Lol :-))

  Technotiger 18:30 04 Sep 2007

Hi, right-on ... not on the forum a lot at the moment though - have visitors for the next couple of weeks.

Cheers :-))

  Technotiger 18:31 04 Sep 2007

Hi, right-on ... not on the forum a lot at the moment though - have visitors for the next couple of weeks.

Cheers :-))

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