Vista to Windows 7 or XP?

  johnincrete 08:22 18 Jun 2010

My friend bought (or rather, was sold) a laptop running Vista - the shop had the same laptop running the Greek version of Windows 7.
Do you experts recommend:
1. Install XP
2. Install Windows 7
3. Do nothing
We are in Crete so English versions are hard to come by but I'm visiting UK soon and could buy the appropriate software - please do not suggest download (if that is in fact possible) because his internet connection regularly breaks down and could not be relied on for a big download.
If your advice is to do nothing & live with Vista, can you suggest a simple book for simple people learn how to to do simple things in Vista!

  ^wave^ 08:36 18 Jun 2010

if you are going to upgrade then it has to be win 7

  onthelimit 08:44 18 Jun 2010

The install of Win 7 over Vista is a simple one - I've not used it much yet, but like what I see. The books on computing that I like is the Dummies series. I haven't raed the Win 7 one yet, but found the XP version great for my less than computer literate friends/family. Can get it from WH Smiths or on line. click here

  mooly 12:38 18 Jun 2010

Vista is fine, it's super stable and as long as you have at least 2gb of RAM will perform swiftly.

X.P. I would never go back too... to flaky and outdated.

W7... builds on Vista, but as an upgrade from Vista... not sure it's worth it at all.

  john bunyan 13:43 18 Jun 2010

Do run a W7 suitabilty check (available via MS). If ok I would go for W7.

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