Vista to Windows 7 compatability problem!

  boysie 19:34 12 Feb 2010

Been trying to check my vista system to see if it's compatable with a new copy of windows 7 I've just bought,.Well it's been going through the checking for at least 2 hours now,Is that normal?


  GaT7 19:59 12 Feb 2010

No, 2 hours is not normal.

If it can handle Vista, it should be compatible with no problems. I have run Win7 (RC) successfully on 4 older motherboards that are from 2004-2005. And there weren't any specific Win7 downloads available for them.

What motherboard is it? Make & model will be helpful. If this has downloadable drivers for Win7, then the rest of your system shouldn't be a problem.

You can check for other hardware & software compatibility at MS click here, & on one or two forum threads like click here. G

  boysie 20:07 12 Feb 2010

Thanks for your reply,

It's a HP COMPAQ laptop I'm trying to install on, and the Compatabilty program is still running! My second attempt about an hour now! Do you think I should just go ahead and install my copy of windows 7 and see what happens? HH

  GaT7 20:11 12 Feb 2010

Oh right, so it's a laptop - I assumed it was a desktop. Laptops tend to be a little more picky, but hopefully it'll be OK.

Yes, you can try installing Win7 & see how it does. But remember to do a thorough backup of your hard drive prior to attempting it. G

  boysie 20:19 12 Feb 2010

Well here goes! Back up first

Many Thanks<


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