Vista to Windows 7

  chingster 18:55 29 Jun 2010

Is it possible to move from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional (upgrade copy) for students? I dont mind if you have to perform a clean install

  Pineman100 19:18 29 Jun 2010

It's advisable to check that your computer is suitable for running Windows 7, but as it's running Vista, it probably is.

click here

I think you will have to do a clean install to upgrade to W7 Pro.

  Zeppelyn 19:47 29 Jun 2010

A clean install is always a better option. Just back up any personal stuff and install Win 7.

  chingster 20:15 29 Jun 2010

so the full version is not required then right?

  Pineman100 18:53 06 Jul 2010

That's right, according to my understanding. You can upgrade from Vista HP to any identical or "higher" version of W7. But unless you're doing a like-to-like upgrade (eg: Vista HP to W7 HP) then it will have to be a full clean install.

I'm not sure about the student/teacher aspect though. I've no experience of this.

Make sure you have your Vista HP product key to hand when you do the installation.

  ashdav 00:12 07 Jul 2010

Try running this click here
I upgraded my laptop from Vista Home Premium to Win7 Ultimate without any problems (not a clean install).
I only had to put in the Win7 serial number not the previous Vista one.

  ashdav 00:13 07 Jul 2010

Sorry Pineman had already posted the link.

  Pineman100 18:03 07 Jul 2010

If ashdav successfully upgraded to a higher product without having to do a clean install, then maybe that's worth trying first. As he says, in that case you wouldn't need the old Vista product key, because the installer would detect your copy of Vista.

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