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Vista Window 7 upgrade data loss

  Terry Brown 11:48 03 Dec 2014

I am currently using Vista home Premium, and have the system set up the way I like it.

I have a windows 7 Pro DVD

My question is: Can I upgrade from Vista to Window 7 and still keep all my data (programs,mail + documents as they are now, or is it better to save all my mail + documents from the system drive, format and start from scratch. Will windows mail still work on windows 7 or must I change to the windows live mail?

Thanks for looking Terry

  northumbria61 19:37 04 Dec 2014

Terry - personally I would format and start from scratch seeing as you have the Windows 7 Pro DVD. I purchased that DVD when it was first released in October 2009 and still in use. I think you will have less problems doing it that way.

Take a look at this Windows Mail - scroll down to see comments from David Ziffer and the reply below that.

  lotvic 21:10 04 Dec 2014

My pennyworth: has your W7 Pro DVD already got SP1 on it? if not then I would suggest you d/load the .iso (official MS from Digitalriver link) and burn it to DVD and install from that using your product key. It will save you a lot of time and hassle with the updates. links and scroll down for the English(USA) SP1 U media refresh versions

  Terry Brown 10:00 05 Dec 2014

Thank you all for your replies

I was hoping to do a straight upgrade, keeping my settings and layouts as they are now, but it seems I will be better (safer) going the long way around and re-building from scratch again.

Lotvic-- Thanks for the link, I will download the file and burn it to DVD, however I believe the one I have is a 2011-2012 version so it should have some updates on it, just not sure what.

Northumbria61-- I have tried windows Live mail, and as I have seven different email addresses (for different purposes), I founds it often seemed to put the mail in the wrong box.If I cannot use the WM system I will probably change to Gmail. Terry

  northumbria61 12:25 05 Dec 2014

Thanks for the feedback Terry and good luck.

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