Vista from Win 7

  Jlen 18:50 06 Aug 2011

Hi, I have an Acer laptop which is running Win 7, I upgraded to Win 7 Home (with disk) from Vista which was preinstalled on the Acer when I bought it (ie no installation disk) I would now like to reinstall Vista as Win 7 is not performing as well as I'd hoped. How do I go about this? I never uninstalled Vista when doing the Win 7 upgrade so I assume its lurking somewhere on my hard drive!


  onthelimit1 18:55 06 Aug 2011

Hmmm. Something strange there. W7 is so much better and faster than Vista. What problems are you having with it?

  onthelimit1 18:56 06 Aug 2011

If you really, really decide that you want to, some info here

  mooly 08:33 07 Aug 2011

Your Acer will have a recovery partition,

If you ran W7 as an upgrade then that isn't really the best way to get best performance as it carries a lot of stuff over from the previous install... as it's meant to really.

If you bite the bullet you can do a clean W7 install from an upgrade disc. I did the same with Vista from XP and it was infinitely better.

If you try this then get all the W7 drivers from the Acer site frst and put them on a USB stick... makes it much easier.

I have used W7 and Vista and in a lot of ways prefer Vista. My OS of choice at the moment.

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