Vista to Win 7 ?

  EARLR 12:02 14 Jun 2011

How do I upgrade Vista to Win 7 ?

  northumbria61 12:11 14 Jun 2011

I would always recommend a CLEAN install of Windows 7 but you can also upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 - link text also see here link text

  ventanas 12:34 14 Jun 2011

link text

The upgrade does give you a clean install, it transfers your existing copy of Windows to a new folder (which can be deleted later) and installs Win 7 from an image. It then puts all your programs and files back

But rin the compatibility test first link text

  chub_tor 12:43 14 Jun 2011

I have made several upgrade installs of Windows 7 over Vista when friends and family have asked me to and never had a problem. Just read all the notes about how to do it, get the machine ready by running CCleaner, doing a defrag and back up all your important documents, pictures, music, videos etc. before you start, you may not need the back up but it is always better to be safe than sorry later; take your time and be prepared to wait for a long time while Windows does the transfer. Depending on the amoung of data you have, the number of programmes etc it will likely take around 2 hours although I had one installation that was close to 6 hours so if you are upgrading a laptop make sure that the power lead is in and the unit is charging. I agree with northumbria61 that a clean install is best but I would not be afraid of doing an upgrade over Vista if you feel more confident with that.

  ventanas 16:20 14 Jun 2011

Just like chub_tor I'm about to do my 5th upgrade and never had an issue, except with one Toshiba laptop where the event sounds disappeared after a Windows update. Still working on that one. But not really that important.

As I said the upgdate is a clean install in that it doesn't update existing files, but puts a fresh copy of windows on your machine. it just does it from an image, instead of installing. And you don't need to put all your apps or files back either. But I still take a full backup as advised. Another thing, I have never needed any drivers, despite downloading all I could find. But one or two do give increased functionality to those installed by windows. Just to let you know, depending on what you've got on the machine it could take many hours - the laptop mentioned was 11 hours from saying go, to getting the last Windows update. And there are many long periods of seeming inactivity. Be patient.

  Strawballs 19:48 14 Jun 2011

chub_tor if you try doing it on a laptop on battery it tells you to plug it in, I did a friends and I thought it was plugged in but he had not switched it on at the wall and I had not notice it in the bar, I got the warning to plug it in before it will start.

  EARLR 07:06 16 Jun 2011

Thanks All

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