Vista to Vista passowrd issue

  Edith 16:05 09 May 2011

I have a Dell Desktop and Dell Laptop both running on Vista Home Premium with Norton Antivirus 2011. Had some issue networking originally but resolved after setting appropriate Trust Levels in Norton. Had motherboard recently replaced on laptop and although I can now occasionally use the laptop to access files on desktop I am asked for a user name and password. I do not remember setting this up and despite trying variations on what are my common user names and paswords I am sometimes unable to access my shared files. I say sometimes because if I go into network sharing and "look" at the password protection section (which is set to be off) I can sometimes access the files. This is annoying and a mystery!

Does anyone have any suggestion how to stop this or make sure the paaword protection is permantly off?

  Woolwell 16:55 11 May 2011

Is it on the laptop that you are asked for the password of the desktop?

This should be your user name (on the desktop) plus log in password.

Is password protection turned off on both systems?

  Edith 21:50 11 May 2011


Yes it is the laptop which asks for the user name and password. Password protection is turned off on both systems. I know my paswword for the desktop but I am not sure I have a user name for it!!

I will have to give that some thought.

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