vista virus?

  Zebrapec 19:54 01 Dec 2008

my daughter's laptop is not allowing her to connect to a web site through IE, but keeps throwing up windows saying she has a virus trojan etc. i.e. PSw trojan, PSW .x - spyware. she has AVG 8 . what can I do to help her please? as it has made her new laptop unusable. thanks

  tullie 20:00 01 Dec 2008

Can you download and run Malwarebytes?

  User-1229748 20:14 01 Dec 2008

will it not let avg scan or can't avg remove it?

  Zebrapec 20:38 01 Dec 2008

smackheadz avg removes it but it then just comes back! crazy or what.

  mocha 20:59 01 Dec 2008

Hi Zebrapec,

You need to turn off 'system restore', boot up in safe mode and then do a full scan, do as tullie suggests and download Malwarebytes and do a full scan this is an excellent antispyware prog.

Remember to turn system restore back on when you have cleared your system of this trojan.

  mocha 21:03 01 Dec 2008

Hi Zebrapec,

Here's the download page for Malwarebytes, it's free click here

  User-1229748 21:08 01 Dec 2008

to boot into safe mode keep tapping f8 at system start

  mocha 21:21 01 Dec 2008

Hi Zebrapec,

How to turn off system restore in Vista click here

  Zebrapec 23:16 01 Dec 2008

thanks all, i will get her to try all the above. When/if fixed will get back to you. Thanks again.

  Zebrapec 17:39 05 Dec 2008

Ok, tried all the above and viruses, spyware, etc where found and healed but there was something hidden in the registry. This kept causing IE to keep opening lots of windows and then a advert to download software to get rid of the problem. So yes the Malwarebytes did find and get rid of some rubbish, but it took a full system restore to clean the system and bring it back to normal? My daughter told me after that 3 other people had the same problem because that's how many had received the same message from a friend!!!
Anyhow, thanks all for the quick help/response.

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