Vista upgrade to W7 using a .reffurbished Win7 O/S disk

  SparkyJack 08:47 13 Sep 2014

A Machne with Vista O/S had been changed to Win7 using a so called 'Refurbished' disc

Wnhnen opened the disk gave full install or upgrade options.

Upgrade was selected and con ompletion rebooted to a 'dual boot' configuration.

Looking at the file structure 2 Window folders are to be seen onme each in drives C and and D.

I would like to elinibate one of these to gain disk space but which?

Also does Win7 being an upgrade need Vista files to funtion?

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  Jollyjohn 12:02 13 Sep 2014

If you had selected Full installation then W7 would have overwritten Vista. W7 does not need the Vista files to function but, as I understand it, it needs to check there is a genuine MS installation present to overwrite.

My solution would be to boot to Vista and re run the installation because if you simply delete the Vista installation you may delete the boot files so then neither will boot!

  LastChip 12:16 13 Sep 2014

I would be extremely suspicious of this.

Never in my life have I heard of a refurbished disk (assuming you're referring to the Windows system DVD). Have you just inadvertently loaded a whole load of spy-ware, not to mention an illegal system?

In any normal context, refurbished means a product was taken back (for whatever reason), repaired back to new condition and then resold. How can you refurbish a DVD?

If you mean an upgrade disk, that's totally different ballgame, or indeed, if you're referring to the hard drive as a refurbished disk.

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  SparkyJack 13:31 13 Sep 2014

Last chip

I too was a bit leary of a so called 'refurbished, disk.

But is apparently the case,intended for repairers/refurbishers use.

It came with the 'regular' label with the holograms product key and registration instructions.

Supplied by London software via Amazon.

  spuds 13:33 13 Sep 2014

LastChip click here

  Jollyjohn 14:47 13 Sep 2014

W7 "Refurbished" is legitimate. My local computer shop sells refurbished PC's with the W7 Refurbished COA attached. As I mentioned before it needs to find a legitimate Windows installation to allow installation.

"Windows Old" folder will only appear if you select Full Install - it copies your "User Folder" basically and can be deleted if you have backed up your data elsewhere.

  bumpkin 15:11 13 Sep 2014

Does it say something like "Licensed for Registered Refurbisher" on the disc?

  SparkyJack 16:19 13 Sep 2014

Following jollyjohns advice, reinstalled

This time it gave upgrade or custom ( not full)

Selected 'custom'

Still rebooted dual

From what can be seen' Win old' contains Windows defaults,no sign of downloaded or programs loaded from disk.

So in 'D' created a new folder into which files can be stored pending burning to DVD

  bumpkin 16:50 13 Sep 2014

No answer to my last question but OK, do you have 2 separate HDDs or 1 that is partitioned and do you want dual boot or just Win7.

  LastChip 19:33 13 Sep 2014

Well; you live and learn - never heard of that before!

  bumpkin 20:00 13 Sep 2014

Well; you live and learn - never heard of that before!

Neither have I, to my understanding it is a disc for use if refurbishing a machine i.e. upgrading from XP to Win7. Can't imagine anyone refurbishing a CD or DVD when they cost about 30p.

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