vista Upgrade Anything I should watch out for

  PhiltheFragger 10:36 10 Nov 2007

Im planning to upgrade my Dell from XP to the "free"Vista upgrade that was run as a special offer if you bought a new XP PC in the lead up to Vista.

I have got extra RAM 2Gb and have made a back up of my important docs off PC, made notes of email and internet settings and made notes of all the main components in case i need to go driver searching.

Anyone know how long the upgrade process takes and are there any areas i need to look out for.

I have a spare PC linked to the web to download stuff to.

Any help/advice most welcome


  chris05 11:02 10 Nov 2007

Sounds like you got it covered man! I installed a full version of vista and it took about 20 to 25 minutes can't imagine it would take much longer too upgrade, the only real problem I came across was my sound card it's a 5.1 Live from creative and unfortunately creative has ended it's support for it but I even found a way around that as well, good luck dude hope ya like Vista :-)

  anskyber 11:16 10 Nov 2007

Run the Vista Upgrade Advisor click here and be careful that any programs you have added are Vista compliant, particularly thins like firewalls and anti virus.

My upgrade took about 45 mins and there are several reboots along the way and times when you think it has stopped when it has not. A glass of you favourite will help the time go by.

This is also a handy site from MS click here

  cream. 12:49 10 Nov 2007

My upgrade, on a HP machine, took around 15 minutes to get to the desktop of vista.

All the drivers were already included and I was up and going at once.

It then took around 45 minutes to download and insatll all the updates from microsoft:-(

All in all it was a smooth install.

It was only after the install, that I encounted the problems of vista.:-))

  carmichy 13:17 10 Nov 2007

I hope you do not get the result I am experiencing in that in the purchase of a licence to use Vista you are losing the right to use your PC/Laptop as you would like. Vista takes over completely. Good luck in your transfer though

  crosstrainer 13:23 10 Nov 2007

"A glass of you favourite will help the time go by." Are we encouraging drunken upgrades? :)

On a serious note: I have upgraded quite a few laptops recently, and by and large they have been fine....One caveat though, due to the differing architecture, some devices simply will not work under Vista.....If you have the Vista ready logo on your new machine, then you should be fine....But I have found a couple of machines that wouldn't run properly even with this.

You seem to have all the bases covered, pay's to check compatibility of sound chip, graphics etc.

  PhiltheFragger 14:18 10 Nov 2007

Cheers Guys

It was a new Dell with the Vista ready logo bought in November 2006

Wish me luck

  crosstrainer 14:25 10 Nov 2007

Be fine :)

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