Vista updates and Defender won't install

  jade25 22:33 10 Oct 2007

Just tried loads of times to install 8 updates and its just saying there is an eroo Ox8024402c
I don't have automatic updates as someone from here said it would help but have it telling me first, can anyone help please
Jade 25

  brundle 23:17 10 Oct 2007

click here
and if that doesn't work
click here

I have never found Windows Defender very effective. This is better; click here

  jade25 11:34 11 Oct 2007

Tried them but no joy. I don't like defender as did l truied the beta when l was on XP and it never cought anything while another antispyware was catching lots., anything else l can try.
By the way l use super anti spyware ,spywarer blaster, avg for virus but couldn't get a firewall to work.
Just found out were l can get a XP computer and there new, very tempted if l could afford it as l have lots of problems with vista.
The store is 'More ' just found it on paypal
Just typing this the text is going into the adds at the side, have that a lot and then when buying online the list down left side looks like they feell in and just see's the tops,

  jade25 12:34 11 Oct 2007

all updates have installed but cross about it as just tried putting automatic updates back on and every update went through even though l had a error code.
So this is microsofts way to get you back to automatic updates.
Only thing is was told to take auto updates of to sort another vista problem but had so many problems
can't remember what the problem was lol

  birdface 13:10 11 Oct 2007

Googledclick here Looks as though you may be able to download them manually.

  jade25 14:26 11 Oct 2007

Thanks, looked a intresting page, liked the bbc one as well.
Just wish l could wave a magic wand and get rid of vista, found out today that were XP saved all my teaching files on a removable file and they all went into vista now vista won't save them,

  birdface 14:50 11 Oct 2007

I dont know if you up-graded to Vista or not but as far as I know if you still have the XP Disc with the keycode on it or the Coa sticker on the side of the computer with the keycode on it.And buy an external hard drive,You can run both on the one computer.Just something that I read from another thread.

  jade25 15:41 11 Oct 2007

I checked to see if l could buy one as my vista was pre- installed. I wouldn't mind if you could come to the end of the problems but it crashes if l turn it off then re-start so l put it on sleep and it avoids it but silly things like if you click 'contact us' it won't bringa form up and text slided into one so you never get to the end of it, going to be counting pennies this month lol
You don't know how i can increase sound as the speakers are at 100 but it doesnt'sound it, have changed settings and checked for around sounds ect,

  birdface 17:32 11 Oct 2007

Sorry Jade.Maybe someone that has got Vista will be able to help. I will just sruggle on with my XP and wait and see what Santa brings.Best of luck.Hope you get it fixed

  birdface 10:49 12 Oct 2007

Looks as though you may qualify for a new Downgrade,Worth a here

  jade25 12:16 12 Oct 2007

Just my luck vista premium is not included to downgrade.
While l was on there there is 75 ways to improve vista and XP l looked but everything l saw wasn't for vista but l got onto backup and have been meaning to do it as vista won't add any files onto a usb memory stick but got so far and it started then stopped and told me mine was not valid and to change it but no way of telling you how so think i might put that as a new problem, thanks a lot though as if l hadn't looked at your links l would have never have found it,

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