Vista updates

  Jak_1 16:49 31 Jul 2008

Having just taken reciept of a new pc yesterday, Vista!!! Prior to that I was using XP-Home.I forgot to turn off automatic updates, hence I was bombarded with them resulting in being unable to conect to the internet for both browsing and mail, well I could conect but not get any web pages to open nor recieve my email. My brother-in-law had the problem a week or so ago and I was able to advise him to do a system restore to a day prior to the updates. However, this being a new machine, I could not restore to an earlier date resulting in the need to put it back to factory default.
Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way round it other than turing off automatic updates?

  rawprawn 17:05 31 Jul 2008

Has your new PC come with Vista SP1? if not that may be the reason you are "Bombarded" you need to let it load SP1

  Jak_1 17:08 31 Jul 2008

Nope, just plain pre sp1 Vista. Methinks I will set a restore point before I attempt installing sp1 though, lol.
Thanks for the advice.

  skidzy 17:24 31 Jul 2008

you would be better waiting for sp1 to come with the updates,not to just install it without it being offered first.
There are some incompatibility issues but they are gradually being ironed out.

There is plenty of info on Google about sp1.

Im a little surprised you did not pick a Vista SP1 machine.

  Jak_1 01:01 01 Aug 2008

For £130 I wasn't going to argue over sp1! I would have much prefered XP but I suppose I will get used to hysteria!
This was the cheaper option to replacing the knackered motherboard etc in my old pc.

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