Vista update download & install failures

  User-0CD8D175-CBE5-4003-9D85F52BC2A07E0D 20:43 18 Aug 2008

Hi, I have a laptop running Vista premium 32-bit with only the Windows firewall activated as I have removed Zone Alarm -- free edition -- in case this was at fault. The laptop has not had a successful Windows update since late July 2008. Just tried update KB953839 "Active X killbits for Windows Vista" & it errors "8000FFFF" as do another 10 updates of various types & sizes, help please ?! Thanks.

  wrg 15:06 19 Aug 2008

I have this as well. When I looked at all my updates the other day I reckon almost 50% had install error issues.

Think we need some expertise on this one ?!

  Bris 20:58 19 Aug 2008

This might help if you check the replies as there seems to be something relevant here. click here

  Bris 21:14 19 Aug 2008

Just a rider on my above reply re the registry. Before making any changes to the registry dont forget to create a restore point and just for good measure export the entries you are going to change to a folder of your choice so you can get back to the original state if it goes wrong.

Thanks Bris, I have followed the link you kindly provided but all I can see are the problem narratives both no solutions, have I missed anything please ? Also I followed some instructions last night from the Microsoft support site for searching for & possibly deleting some rogue registry entries -- after backing up the registry via a restore point -- but none of the suspected files were found. Thanks.

  Bris 20:12 20 Aug 2008


Sorry about the reference to the registry it was incorrect (getting late). The problem you and wrg are experiencing seems to relate not just to the specific Active X fix but to other fixes as well and implies a problem with the software distribution folder as mentioned in the link. If you skip down the link to the reply that mentions the update service you will see detailed instruction of how to proceed. Basically you need to stop the update service, locate and rename the software distribution folder (this is better than deleting it as you can recover it later if necessary), then restart the service then when it cant find the folder it will re create a new clean one.

Havn't tried this so cant say whether it will cure your problem but worth a try.
Incidentally I have seen mention of this problem before so its a known one but cant find the relevant info. You could try Googling the error code or going into the Microsoft web site and trying a few searches.

Good luck.

Thx again Bris, U wouldn't know the exact or approx date of the reply I need on the link would U please ? Cheers again. Found something out tonight from a Dell hardware guy via an internet chat session. Microsoft are providing "Free" e-mail support for update problems on this ink :-

click here

U & others might find that useful, I'm having a Passport password reset then I'll be giving it a go !

  Bris 20:35 21 Aug 2008


The 15th June 08 at 11:27 titled "how to rename the software distribution folder" also check this out and look at the 5th item. "click here
it relates specifically to your problem.

  Bris 19:08 22 Aug 2008

This also looks relevant click here

There appear to be a number of problems in the area of Windows update. An easy fix to try that I have come across is to go into SERVICES from Control panel and then Admin tools then services and scroll down to Windows Modules Installer and make sure that the startup type is set to "manual" (make a note of the original value in case you need to change it back again).

If you have broadband its also worth running an online virus scan of your system by going into Symantecs site click here
just to check that you have no malware infections.

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