Vista update causes problems

  birksy 07:50 17 Nov 2008

I'm not actually seeking help, this time folks, BUT.....For awareness of problem.

Vista / IE7 updates have recently sent my previously stable PC into a problem PC.

Last Vista update required a reboot, and upon rebooting, it got to STAGE 3 of the install, and the PC froze. As it says 'do not turn off your PC', I restarted the PC with some trepidation, using the power button. Update then completed.

NOW however, when booting from start-up, the PC occasionally freezes at the desktop.
'No mouse control, no key control, no nothing. This requires a reboot via the power button again, and away it goes, as though nothing is wrong at all.....Everything is normal.

This posted, in case others get same problem, and to make aware, that MS are causing us problems too.
SIMPLE ANSWER is to 'restore', but of course the PC will then just reinstall the updates anyway. Back to square one.

Two SFC checks done. Registry check done using 'winASO'
If it freezes, I can't investigate, and if it doesn't freeze, there is nothing to find.

Has anyone ever done a table, to show how much updating is required from a reinstall? Mus be 500Mb at least, by now.
Bring back XP!

  chub_tor 09:21 17 Nov 2008

If it simply was that Microsoft was causing computers to freeze after an update then this forum would be deluged with people asking for help. That is clearly not the case so it must be that the latest updates caused a hiccup in combination with the hardware and software of your machine.

Regarding your second point about the size of updates for a reinstall, if you do a full back of your system regularly to an external drive with software such as Acronis True Image then all the updates will still be there. No downloading will be required.

  FatboySlim71 09:30 17 Nov 2008

I agree with chub_tor regarding "the latest updates caused a hiccup in combination with the hardware and software of your machine"

Why not restore and then try for a second time to install the updates, there was maybe a glitch or something when you initially downloaded the update that caused the update to not fully install.

  birksy 10:01 17 Nov 2008

I know for a fact, that if download the Realtek driver update from MS, then that's me stuffed for internet access. (Or email of course)

I have a backed up hard drive via Acronis, but updates are not just a file are they? They have to be installed and make registry changes as they go. There is also the aspect, that there are going to be updates, to earlier updates, and unless done in the right order, they will probably not work.

I stand to be corrected on this, but CAN you get updates from a backed up drive? Or is that just a 'restore' function leaving you in the same position as doing an ordinary restore?
I've always seen the drive back-up as a disaster recovery tool.

  chub_tor 10:26 17 Nov 2008

If you have cloned the drive as your backup then surely that is the same as having a duplicate of your operating hard drive? And that must include all the updates mustn't it? Never having had to restore from an Acronis full back up I am hoping that is the case.

  birksy 10:43 17 Nov 2008

Yes, a backed up image WILL include the updates to the date it was created. Trouble is, you will lose other stuff. Need to back up emails etc.

Interestingly, I've tried doing a 'system restore', and it goes through the process, BUT nothing seems to change. Deal with a couple of emails etc, and sometime later, a box pops up saying 'unable to complete restore process. No files were changed' (Loose gist)
Tried an even earlier restore point, and got the same result. This time it took about 10 minutes to put up the box saying 'unable to restore' AND...that pops up UNDER whatever you have open at the time, so you don't see it.

Looks like an Acronis job after all.

  chub_tor 11:01 17 Nov 2008

Maybe we are at cross purposes as to what constitutes a backup. As far as I know Windows back up just handles the data backups, emails etc.

Windows System Restore just takes you back to a point where hopefully the system was working earlier. It keeps the data intact but discards any updates, installed programmes after the Restore point etc.

But Acronis has the capability of taking a snapshot of the entire drive ie a clone of exactly what the drive contains at the time you make the snapshot. Now I realise that any data or changes made after that snapshot is taken will be lost on a subsequent Acronis Restore but everything up to that point should be re-installed.

  birksy 11:16 17 Nov 2008

That is my understanding too.
I'll have to check the date of my Acronis image, but do a file 'backup' also to add to it.

What you won't be aware of chub_tor, is that a previous Windows/IE7 update, lost me internet access to about 50% of sites. Took aggggggeees to get it working again, to an acceptable degree.
(IE7 increased it's security level, to way beyond normal, and I had to turn security off virtually, and let Kaspersk I.S. look after security.)
Went through all sort of settings changes before I found that out.
IE7 would let me on THIS site, after about every 10th attempt. Found the answer was to put the address in the 'trusted' file...which led me to the security level query.

  FatboySlim71 12:40 17 Nov 2008

If you done a "FULL BACKUP IMAGE" with Acronis, then this is an identical snap shot of your system at the time of doing the image, right down to every last detail, including any emails that are saved on your computer, windows updates, desktop icon layout etc. Basically an identical mirror image down to the last detail.

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