VISTA ULTIMATE failure to boot properly

  pcg-fr315s 12:26 20 Aug 2009

PC goes into a loop through Set up and black screen with white information lettering offering access to settings. Only way to stop is hit F2 (Setup) then accept all default settings then PC boots into Vista. PC repairer replaced faulty Bluetooth module but denies changing any settings although I know they checked software using their own hard disk. Hope to save another long trip to repairer. Any ideas where and what may have been changed. Thanks

  sunnystaines 13:19 20 Aug 2009

have you tried rebooting with the vista cd and opting for repair.

could be psu dropping power during bootup is the psu on the way out or possibly the hdd.

  sunnystaines 13:21 20 Aug 2009

try safemode and running chkdsk

  PO79 13:22 20 Aug 2009
  brundle 13:28 20 Aug 2009

Sounds like BIOS settings need saving. Go into Setup with F2, hit F10, select "Yes" to "Save changes and exit" (or similar). Reboot.

  pcg-fr315s 22:57 20 Aug 2009

Sunnystaines Tried both... no joy

Thanks PO79 no joy here either System Restored but problem still exists.Is this a BIOS problem?

Thanks Brundle.. agree with you but tried this and still same situation with defaults restored an saved. PC still boots only after entering and leaving settings! The repairer asked about RAID and I said that as far as I knew the two disks were not Raided (as reported in BIOS) but I think they made a change when using their own hard drive. Could the order of drives to boot from have been changed and if so does it matter? Convinced that some setting has been altered.
All your help appreciated. Thanks

  sunnystaines 08:16 21 Aug 2009

try going to the command prompt and typing fixmbr

this will correct any faults in the master boot records, which may have got confused if hdd's been swapped around.

  pcg-fr315s 15:07 22 Aug 2009

Sounds on the right track but response "is not recognised as an internal or external command"

The machine also boots after I select ControlI when the info screen arrives but after a shutdown I am back in the same loop on start up. Thanks for your help. Repairer cannot look at PC until Thursday so I would quite like to beat them to a solution!

  pcg-fr315s 10:48 01 Sep 2009

Well as I guessed the repairer must have damaged something when replacing/repairing the Bluetooth module. I have now been told that the motherboard is defective and I was told before that the motherboard had to come out for the Bluetooth diagnosis / repair/replacement. Another wasted day and wait for spare parts (if they are still available for a 16 month old computer) The repairer also scratched the screen hinges which I will take up when I take the machine back. I will leave this open until the repair is completed just in case anyone else has a similar problem.

  pcg-fr315s 12:35 24 Sep 2009

Any idea how long it should take to change a large (22 inch screen) laptop motherboard?

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