Vista Task Manager

  midian 15:04 18 Dec 2008

My girlfriends pc has Vista Home Basic, a recent upgeade from 1 to 2 Gig of ram has not helped speed up the pc at all.

I have had a look on the task manager but have no idea what is needed and what I can get rid of. I have also looked using Msconfig but again, its knowing what I can and cannot touch. I have done this with my pc which uses XP but as I dont know vista at all, I dont want to mess it up for her. She has about 20-30MB left out of 2 gig.

Any ideas would be greatful.

  Audio~~Chip 15:27 18 Dec 2008

and all other available updates for the machine? Also run a full virus scan, Disk Cleanup and post back the Make & Model of the Laptop please.

  midian 08:49 19 Dec 2008

First of all, she doesnt have a laptop and it wouldnt make any difference if she did. Anyway...

I installed SP1 for her and it is still the same, she has something like 50-55 processes running and its these which are using up 99% of her memory, slowing the pc right down. Ive installed ccleaner which got rid of alot of unwanted stuff.

I would like to know what can and cannot be stopped using MSconfig to free up more memory and speed the pc up.

Have run AVG for viruses and none were found.

  crosstrainer 08:56 19 Dec 2008

What is the spec. of your girlfriends machine? If it has a slow CPU and HDD then you may find that disabling services via task manager or msconfig will not help.

It's hard to advise what you can and cannot dispense with without knowing what is running....If you can post a list of what's listed in startup (via msconfig) It might help us to get started....Fooling around at arms length is a bit hit and miss I'm afraid.

  DippyGirl 09:10 19 Dec 2008

I have VistaHP 1Gb (Iknow its a bit light) anyway currently have 64 processes ticking over at 51% Physical Memory
If an application isnt active and the memory is needed it will be swapped out to the page file
As everyone's setup and mix of what and how they run is different to ask what you can stop is a bit open ended
Why dont you post the memory hogs and let people comment

  MAJ 09:12 19 Dec 2008

This click here will explain which processes are running, what they do and if they can be safely stopped.

  midian 09:32 19 Dec 2008

She has an AMD 3400 Sempron running at 1.8Ghz, 2 Gig of DDR2 4200 ram, 250 SATA HDD, DVD-RW running Vista Basic. OB graphics (NV 6100) I think sharing 64MB ram.

It looks like she has EVERYTHING running in the services part of msconfig, too many to list here. She doesnt use the pc for games, just letters, net, and music really.

  crosstrainer 11:34 19 Dec 2008

Without knowing what's in the list, it would be daft to try and advise, if you use the list supplied in MAJ's link, try disabling things one at a time....A long and rather painstaking process I know, and the Semperon isn't really up to Vista (shared memory with on board graphics won't help either)

Make sure you create a system restore point prior to disabling processes.

  midian 12:06 19 Dec 2008

Ok, thanks for all your help.

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