Vista System Restore

  Clapton is God 16:45 01 Sep 2008

OK, I give up.

I've looked, I've tried, I've tried different options; but failed miserably.

How the hell do I turn System Restore OFF in Vista?

And, yes, I know I'll lose all my restore points.

  ventanas 16:57 01 Sep 2008

Customisation options for SR are greatly reduced in Vista.
To turn off, and I assume you have carefully considered the implications, open the System Control Panel, click System Protection on the left, and untick the drives you don't want to use. In your case all of them.

  Fingees 16:57 01 Sep 2008

To turn System Restore on or off
Click to open control panel

In the left panel, click System Protection. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

To turn on System Protection for a hard disk, select the check box next to the disk, and then click OK.
– or –
To turn off System Protection for a hard disk, clear the check box next to the disk, and then click OK.

  Jim_F 17:01 01 Sep 2008

Under 'Backup and Restore Centre' select 'Create a Restore Point or Change Settings' and then the 'System Protection' tab.

Untick all the drives and system retore will offer you the option to turn it of snnd lose all existing restore points.

  Jim_F 17:03 01 Sep 2008

...and just like buses we all came along at the same time :)

  Clapton is God 17:09 01 Sep 2008

Thanks to both of you. Simple when you know how!

Yes, I am aware of all the implications.

I've just done a Restore to factory settings on my Dell Inspiron 1525 and, having started at 5 this morning, I finally finished about half an hour ago! :-(

Everything's running nicely (famous last words) but I've now got dozens of restore points created by MS Update downloads.

I intend to use the laptop for a few days to double check that all's OK and then briefly switch off System Restore to get rid of all those restore points.

  peter99co 17:21 01 Sep 2008

I thought that it was possible to remove all but the last restore point. Does someone know the answer?

  Pineman100 18:54 01 Sep 2008

Click Start, then type 'disk'. Disk Cleanup will commence. In the next window select the appropriate drive>OK.

In the next window click the More Options tab. Under 'System Restore and Shadow Copies' (read the warning about some versions of Vista) click the Clean Up button. Verify the delete and all restore points except the latest will be deleted.

  ventanas 09:59 02 Sep 2008

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