Vista stuck at completing installation

  gruffass 13:14 05 May 2009

OK here goes. Bear with me.
My son has a Dell Inspiron 1520. Last year he had BSOD but we got Vista back installed but he know tells me that on restart it always ask for start up repair or start windows normally. Start windows normally will just bring you back to the 2 options so you click start up repair and after a while it says it can't repair. So i tried a windows recovery disc but still got stuck in the loop of start normally or start up repair so decided to re-install vista. Success! But i then installed a BIOS update A08 and it doesn't boot up at all now. It gets stuck at the loading screen so I tried to re-install vista but it won't get past the last part of the install which is 'completing installation'.

It's been stuck at 'completing installation' for the last 30 mins.

Any help very much appreciated



  gruffass 13:36 05 May 2009

The progress bar has just moved and the laptop has just rebooted. Just a blank screen at the moment.
Damn I got work now so i'm gonna leave it and talk to my son later when he's home from school.

Please leave any ideas just in case


  gruffass 22:26 05 May 2009

We had black screen for 2 hours, tried re-booting and got vista loading screen, the one with the scrolling green bars at the bottom and it stayed like that for a couple of hours!

Trying to put XP then Vista in which was what I did last time we had a problem but it's saying there are no hard drives. Weird.

I'm sure this has something to do with the A08 BIOS upgrade that I did. Is there anyway to change it back to an earlier setting?


  phono 22:51 05 May 2009

Is the hard drive recognised in the BIOS?

  gruffass 22:58 05 May 2009

I got so far as XP formatting the drive then it rebooted to a BSOD.
Technical Information
0x0000007e (0xc00000005, oxf76450bf, 0xf7a5520c, 0xf7a54foc)

According to BIOS there is a Primary hard drive of 120GB. So I believe it is recognised

  gruffass 07:26 06 May 2009

The XP disc I used had Symantec ghost on it and it never said I didn;t have a hard drive. It got to 100% then BSOD.

Any ideas?

  ened 08:00 06 May 2009

Just a guess but as it is a laptop could it be that you need some drivers which you have lost in re-formatting?

If this is the case you will need to find out what they are, download them and put them onto a floppy/flash drive and install them first.

  gruffass 08:22 06 May 2009

How would I go about finding out?

  ened 08:35 06 May 2009

Try the Dell website.

  ened 08:36 06 May 2009
  gruffass 09:08 06 May 2009

Had a look at link and to be honest I don't know what I'm looking for!
I tried re-installing Vista this time, and it completes then re-boots but gets stuck at a blank screen with just the cursor arrow on it. No hard drive light flashing at all. If I re-boot from here I will get the loading screen of the green scrolling bars in the box at the bottom of screen and it will stay like that! Help!!

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