Vista Startup results in black screen and auto repair

  griffon56 17:58 06 Sep 2011

A 4 year old Dell family computer running Vista did not start properly yesterday, but produced a dialogue box saying 'Your computer was unable to start. Start-up repair is checking your programme for problems. If problems are found, start-up repair will fix them automatically. Your computer might re-start several times during this process.' Then there was a black screen with nothing but a white mouse arrow in it. That was switched off and later, after two more switch offs thro' only getting the black screen, the computer started normally and a dialogue box said,'Windows has recovered from an unexpected breakdown'.

After some more hard drive action all was well. What is likely to have caused this and how dangerous is it to the well-being of the operating system?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 06 Sep 2011

One of the windows files was corrupt, you should have left it to complete the repair when Start-up repair is checking your programme for problems.

switching off during the repair would have cause more problems hence the amount of time rquire for it finally to fix itself.

how dangerous is it to the well-being of the operating system?

its repaired itself so no more danger.

You need to have a backup routine

Make sure all your important data is backed up to and external source or two if a hard drive fails then noway it can repair itself.

regular clones of the drive could be a life saver.

Treat this first failure as a warning and do not be caught out

However it may never fail again but better safe than sorry.

  griffon56 00:55 07 Sep 2011

Nice to see you again Fruit Bat and thanks for the thorough reply. I haven't been regularly on this Forum for a long time. There was slightly more to it than I wrote. I am in Cornwall, the affected computer is in Bristol and it had all happened by the time I heard of it. However, regular backups are made, tho' nothing vital is actually kept on the machine, it's only used to write letters, email stuff and browse. Hard copy is made of anything important and filed away from the machine. Thanks again.

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