Vista SP1 - Install? Yes/No

  [DELETED] 12:16 27 May 2008

I would be grateful to hear the opinion of Forum Members as to whether it is a good or bad idea to install SP1 at this time.

There are still numerous reports of SP1 introducing serious problems. However, there is also a lot of user feedback reporting that the service pack installs without any resulting issues.

It would be helpful to receive feedback (good or bad) from Forum Members.



  [DELETED] 12:18 27 May 2008

mins or so but mine was fine. Didn't seem to work any different after though.

  chub_tor 12:22 27 May 2008

I have updated both my desktop and laptop with no problems. I have found boot-up much faster since installing SP1. I'm not sure if it was a side effect of installing SP1 or just a basic Vista requirement but I did have to give both of them a password for networking.

  [DELETED] 12:30 27 May 2008

if you havn't been offered sp1 in windows update i would leave it until you shouldn't have to wait long.

  [DELETED] 13:11 27 May 2008

I had a sound driver (SigmaTel)that the installation facility on Windows Update didn't like apparently so Update was not offering me SP1. I did SP1 from a disk I got through a PC magazine offer and all is fine.

It took 1hr 8 mins for mine to install, then I did a defrag. I boot to the user selection screen in 43 seconds now.

I have much more free space on my HDD - someone on this site told me that SP1 would have removed all but my last restore point which would probably have resulted in the extra space being free.

I only did SP1 from the disk I had because I had researched the problem driver issue and narrowed it down to the fact that with the SigmaTel driver it was only the installation facility on the Windows Update that was the problem, not the actual driver.

If I hadn't have got that disk I would have waited until Windows Update offered it.

  anskyber 13:13 27 May 2008

SP1 working fine with me.

  Pine Man 13:56 27 May 2008

If Windows Update offers it , install it.

If not, wait!

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