Vista SP1 disaster more like virus sp1

  iguana 20:23 03 Jun 2008

updated my vista HP today with SP1 - aahh! User account not too badly affected but unable to access internet. other accounts just disaster everything from waiting cursor not blinking to unable to access programmes and ghoting when i try.And tray icons missing, I am currnetly on a trusty Pentium 3 running DS linux. Guess its a compltete format and reinstall but would be gratefiull of any commentss.Do I go for sp1 on rerun and what went wrong? Tks aand sorry for poor spelling screen is rather small! Am running kaspersky 7 av if that affected anything?

  iguana 20:34 03 Jun 2008

am moving this to vsta helproom ,Sorry my misyake

  sinbads 20:37 03 Jun 2008

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