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Vista SP1

  anniesboy68 16:02 05 Jun 2008

I'm still waiting for windows update to find Vista SP1, anyone else waiting??????

  anniesboy68 16:20 05 Jun 2008

crosstrainer....thanks for that, will await a while to see what happens. The object of the post however, was to state [if that's the correct term] that SP1 was not appearing so as to install!

  Pine Man 16:46 05 Jun 2008

Lots of people are still waiting to be 'offered' SP1. Don't worry about it because a number of different things installed in or fixed to your 'box of dots' can upset Windows Update.

There is a 'fits all' SP1 download but it is prone to all sorts of problems.

From what I have read once SP1 is correctly installed you will probably notice little difference.

I still haven't been 'offered' SP1 and I have tried to use other methods but my advice is sit quiet and wait.

  anniesboy68 16:57 05 Jun 2008

Pine Man....I will keep waiting!!!On another matter....How do you get the bold print ie anniesboy68, beneath Pineman in your post?

  Pine Man 17:05 05 Jun 2008

Cut and paste the name on the thread you are replying to into the 'title' box on your reply - if that makes sense!

  anniesboy68 17:32 05 Jun 2008

Ok ta.

  anniesboy68 17:05 25 Jun 2008

Still anyone else awaiting via the update system???

  anniesboy68 19:39 25 Jun 2008

crosstrainer...Thanks for that will await the outcome....

  anniesboy68 14:33 25 Aug 2008

Still no sign of sp1 via the update process yet!
Should I be worried. I know I can download it seperately, but I read that was fraught with problems! Anyone else awaiting it via update???AB68

  anniesboy68 16:36 25 Aug 2008

Well then...Iv'e not been offered it yet!!!!!!!! Please let me know how you get on AB68

  Pine Man 20:22 25 Aug 2008

I suspect that many millions, and me and you, are in exactly the same boat.

From what I have seen and heard SP1 will probably add nothing to my Vista experience and could possibly detract from it.

Don't worry - if it was that important for everyone to have it I am sure we would.

Lie back and enjoy Vista, naked as the day it was born;-))

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