Vista SP1

  pcdaley21 23:26 03 Apr 2008

Hi, I was wondering if SP1 is out for vista yet and if so where to download it from?

It wont wipe my computer will it? M

  Widow's Son 23:44 03 Apr 2008

Just update using windows update. I've done both desktop and laptop with no problems

  anskyber 08:22 04 Apr 2008

If it does not appear in Windows Updates you may have a non compliant driver. If so it (the driver) will be updated by WU in the future then you will be offered SP1.

  interzone55 08:49 04 Apr 2008

It's being pushed out using Automatic Update, it won't appear on your PC if you have certain nVidia graphics cards or other hardware that MS don't have new drivers for.

I can't get it at the moment, and probably won't do for a while as my laptop uses Toshiba customised nVidia drivers

  ventanas 08:55 04 Apr 2008

Yep, I have two Dells and a Toshiba running Vista, and no sign of SP1 for all three of them. I have downloaded the full SP1 file, and still pondering over whether to risk it.

  User-1229748 09:23 04 Apr 2008

same here'hp laptop and no sign of it as yet.

  Pine Man 15:27 04 Apr 2008

Some Creative sound card drivers are a problem :-(

  keith mac 15:43 04 Apr 2008

Has the 'sleep' feature of Vista been improved by SP1?

I found it very useful on my laptop. It used to work fine up until a Windows update months ago but after that it became a pain and I disabled it.

  anskyber 17:32 04 Apr 2008

It includes "improvements" to sleep but I have no personal experience of using it. (I do run Vista)

  skidzy 19:04 04 Apr 2008

No problems here with Vista SP1 and i have the Nvidia Geforce 7300 GS.

I installed SP1 about a week ago now and no problems to date.

This was not an auto update,it was a manual update.

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