smudge6521 21:41 07 Jul 2009

Since I installed Vista SP 2 this evening I have noticed a significant change in my CPU usage, I run vista ultimate and have one of those CPU monitors in my side bar, prior to loading the new SP my CPU usage was around 2 percent when not doing anything, however since installing sp2 my CPU usage is averaging 80 percent. Is this normal and is anybody else having similar problems.I always thought SP2 was more economical on CPU usage from what I have read on the matter.

  gigagiggles 04:30 08 Jul 2009


it might be normal if you have defragmentation and indexing tasks enabled. (there might be others involved.) thus, during "idle", these tasks would kick into gear. after all, you've just installed changes to your c:\ drive.

what does task manager say about the active processes chewing up the 80%?

  mooly 07:11 08 Jul 2009

Shouldn't alter CPU idle noiceably at all.
Is it a laptop ? Do as advised above and also open <Reliability & Performance monitor>
Top left is the real time graph of CPU usage. Where's the blue line ? That shows how much of the full CPU performance is available. Also look at the drop down lists below, check out CPU to see whats using excessive processing.

  smudge6521 09:08 08 Jul 2009

I have checked the CPU usage and there seems nothing out of the ordinary, however idle seems to be using a lot of the CPU. I have disabled some processes that I don't think are necessary but this has made little difference. Its not a laptop but a desktop. Any more ideas thanks

  mooly 11:42 08 Jul 2009

Any more ideas ? not really.
Did you look in reliability and performance. If somethings using a lot of resources it has to be in the drop down list under CPU. Highest user is at the top of the list. Have a look at the right hand column "CPU"
Mine just sat idling shows only 1 to 3 % or so. Highest user with it sat with this page open and typing this is Microsoft Management Console at around 2.7% Everything else in the 0.1 or 0.02 range.
This is on a very modest laptop running Vista, all patched and up to date with real time antivirus scanning etc.

  smudge6521 11:49 08 Jul 2009

I will have a look later when I finish work for lunch and get back to you, Tks in the meantime

  smudge6521 12:06 08 Jul 2009

Just checking now and here is a run down of services in task manager and how much they are using
iexplore.exe 56.500k
dwn.exe 31.488k
explorer.exe 29.904k
sidebar.exe 23.512
These are the top runners does this help anybody who knows about this

  smudge6521 13:08 08 Jul 2009

I have just uninstalled SP2 and my CPU is still clocking up high usage, have run various scans and nothing malicious has beend detected, going on my last post of processes running does anybody have any suggestions. Tks

  mooly 13:19 08 Jul 2009

They look fine.
IE explorer on mine is the highest at 65000k
Click the start orb, and type in the search box, reliability and performance. Open that program and look as mentioned earlier :)

  smudge6521 14:53 08 Jul 2009

Hi just tried the performance monitor and it shows the following; cpu 100 percent with smax4pmp.ext at top of the list of processes the blue line you speak of is in the 4th box labelled memory and that is sitting in the centre, sorry if this is a bit basic but my knowledge on this is very little. Hope this can help

  mooly 17:24 08 Jul 2009

The graph top left shows what percentage of the CPU "capacity" is being used. Each square on the vertical scale is 10%.
The blue line I spoke of I don't think you will see on that graph, as yours is a desktop PC.

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