onthelimit1 11:21 23 Nov 2011

Had yet another Vista PC that had problems caused by trusteer. After removing that software, PC ran fine until Windows update offered SP1 (Vista had been reinstalled recently after other problems). During phase 2 of the install, black screen appeared with random words scrolling across. Forced a shutdown eventually and on restart, got a BSOD. Googling the error message revealled this is a common problem with SP1 update. Have found a solution to repair it via a Linux disc, but.....

How to stop this reoccuring on next update?


  northumbria61 20:55 23 Nov 2011

I would turn off Windows Updates and download Vista Service Pack 1 Standalone Package - you should get the information from here as to how to do that - enter link description here

  onthelimit1 08:56 24 Nov 2011


Thanks - did that (and SP2). Installed with no problems. PC now running like a dream (well, as much as a Vista one can!).

  northumbria61 11:49 24 Nov 2011

Good news - I would change the way you receive your updates then you will have more control over them. Control Panel - Windows Updates - change to Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.

You will then get Critical Updates and Optional Updates. This gives you the opportunity to decide what you want to install and any you don't want you can choose to hide.

  onthelimit1 17:01 24 Nov 2011

Thanks - I've passed the suggestion on to the owner (who is delighted that having done a custom install, all his docs are still there in windows.old).

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