Vista Skype Sound

  frager 13:12 13 Oct 2008

I have upgraded from Windows XP Home Edition SP 3 to Vista Home Premium.

Since then my Skype sound has deteriorated to such an extent that it is useless. The sound from my speakers becomes garbled after a few seconds.
I’m told that I come across perfectly clear at the receiving end.
My sound card is a SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio.

1. I used a program called Driver Detective to upgrade to the latest drivers. It installed a driver for RealtekAC’97. With this I was unable to get any sound at all. I rolled back the driver without success. I finally had to use System Restore to get any sound at all.

2. I searched for a driver for SoundMAX Integrated Audio and downloaded a file called WDM_3665.rar. My version of Winzip (10.0) would not open this.

3. All the utilities I run (except for Driver Detective) tell me that all my drivers are up to date.

I would appreciate any advice.



  Technotiger 14:09 13 Oct 2008

By far the simplest and quickest way is to install a cheap PCI Sound card. Any of the Soundblaster series would do the job, a hundred times better than on-board sound IMHO.

  Rahere 14:28 13 Oct 2008

to open the rar file which is a different type of compression try click here for a 30 day unrestricted trial

Try the latest version of Skype - they have introduced a new sound system which miht help - SKype 3.8 beta version. or even version 4 beta with a new look click here

  Stuartli 15:12 13 Oct 2008

Skype offers excellent advice in its Help pages regarding sound setup. See:

click here

and choose the appropriate version.

You may find that some of the configuration is somewhat surprising - yet it works....:-)

  frager 18:35 13 Oct 2008

To Technotiger: Would a Soundcard solve the problem? From my research I'm beginning to think that it mioght be a Vista issue.

To rahere:

I have the latest version of Skype ( early this morning. Have you tried Version 4 Beta?
I might try the evaluation vsersion of BitZipper that you mention.

To Stuartli:

I have been over the Skype Help pages on numerous occasions without any success.

Thanks all

  Rahere 18:38 13 Oct 2008

Sorry I haven't tried the v4 beta version. but if it isn't working for you no harm in trying, you can always uninstall!

  Technotiger 18:44 13 Oct 2008

If you did not upgrade your hardware when you went from XP to Vista, then a PCI Sound card could well solve it for you.

  frager 10:38 14 Oct 2008

I have just re-read my original post and realise that of course I do not have a sound card. My sound is integrated on the motherboard. I just did not pay attention.


  setecio 10:41 14 Oct 2008

I wouldn't have thought that skype audio was very taxing on sound hardware and that onboard audio that can play music ok should be able to handle skype audio.

Since they can hear you fine, are you sure it isn't a problem at their end ?

  setecio 10:44 14 Oct 2008

What is the computer make and model ?
click here

  frager 10:57 14 Oct 2008

Thanks for your reply
My computer is a DELL Dimension 8300 Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz speed and 2.5 GB of RAM.

I think the problem is at my end because:
1. The system worked perfectly until I upgraded to Vista.
2. The problem arises with all my Skype contacts.

3. The sound is acceptable for a short time sometimes -- about 1 minute --- and then deteriorates.


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