Vista and sharing W98 printer

  Dave22Fair 19:56 21 Jun 2010

Hi, I have a Vista and W98 laptop with a printer connected to the latter. The printer is not supported by Vista but I wondered if I could print from Vista via the W98 laptop.

  woodchip 19:59 21 Jun 2010

Yes if you network them, that is the computer using your BB router, and windows network wizard

  woodchip 20:00 21 Jun 2010

PS when you network them they have to be all switched on when networking them, and using them including Printer

  Woolwell 20:04 21 Jun 2010

I thought that the Vista machine would ask for a driver for the printer.

  Dave22Fair 20:29 21 Jun 2010

The printer is pre USB connection and the laptop USB only. Anyway, the printer maker Epson does not support any drivers, so it looks like I have to get my network working and share the printer. At the moment I am in a room with access via wireless to the network. The router is in a different room but I have the W98 laptop directly connected via LAN cable to the Vista laptop (but not network connection) and the printer connected to the W98 laptop. Do I have to take the W98 and the printer to be next to the router with a direct connection or can I work through peer to peer and then to the printer?

  woodchip 21:34 21 Jun 2010

The 98 comp and printer would be best connected by Ethernet cable. Vista Wireless

  Dave22Fair 21:41 21 Jun 2010

I currently have the printer connected to the 98 comp and the 98 comp then connected to the Vista comp by an ethernet cable. Vista os wireless to the router. Is this what you mean?

  woodchip 22:40 21 Jun 2010

I would have connected the 98 with Ethernet to router vista on its own wireless

  Dave22Fair 22:50 21 Jun 2010

Okay and thanks for that. I suppose I need to use Vista's 'Network and Sharing Centre' to negotiate the connection to the W98 comp and thus the printer?

  Ashrich 00:53 22 Jun 2010

As Woolwell says , the Vista machine will still need a driver for the old printer , and as there isn't one , it won't work


  Ashrich 00:59 22 Jun 2010

Of course , another way to do it is to network the 2 PC's and transfer the file to be printed to the Win98 pc , say in to my documents , and then start the print from inside that pc , as opposed printing directly from the Vista pc .


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