Vista Service Pack 1 cant download

  charles60 23:11 04 Nov 2010

I am at the moment trying to upgrade my Dell laptop to Windows7 from vista but it wont let me until i have installed "Vista Service Pack 1" which i have tried to do but it fails every time i try to down load it . Have gone to the troubleshoot on windows and have done what they have said. I thought i had cracked it as it started to download then it failed after about 25% dont know what else to do can anybody help please.OPPs forgot this is the Error code i got: 80070002 have been everywhere no luck this will be my last hope if cant get sorted will have to stay with Vista. eg have tried Dell help line,windows fix it, also tried windows help page followed the instructions to the letter Nothing

  mgmcc 09:02 05 Nov 2010

Are you trying to install SP1 via Windows Update or by using the stand-alone SP1 installation file?

If by Windows Update, try instead using the stand-alone file:

Vista SP1 [32-bit] click here

Vista SP1 [64-bit] click here

Vista SP2 [32-bit] click here

Vista SP2 [64-bit] click here

  charles60 09:43 05 Nov 2010

Have tried both ways still no luck in downloading it.
Have checked my desk top that's fine it done auto update no problem that's running on service pack 2 but something is stopping my dell laptop from upgrading do you think its something to it being a dell laptop. Cant think of anything else?. Have tried above again. This is what came up "Internal Error Code occurred while installing this service pack. Error code ox80070002"

  gengiscant 10:04 05 Nov 2010

Try this click here

  charles60 11:37 05 Nov 2010

Tried both the Default and Aggressive mode Still nothing still getting same error code ox80070002

  gengiscant 13:53 05 Nov 2010

Some reading here
Have a look at the first link, the guy got it sorted by running chkdsk.

  northumbria61 15:07 05 Nov 2010

You could also have a look here - scroll down to "Let me fix it myself" click here

  charles60 15:36 05 Nov 2010

Done chkdsk did nothing do you think it would be better if i do a back up of my hard drive and do a custom install i have gota idea how to also back up films music etc but once i have installed windows 7 how do i transfer my files music etc i will give that fix it one more go but i don't hold to much hope.I do want to thank you though for giving up your spare time to help me

  gengiscant 17:16 05 Nov 2010

How to you propose to backup? If its to an external harddrive it will be a simple matter of copying everything back over once you have installed Windows 7.

  charles60 17:55 05 Nov 2010

Hi gengiscant will be using a external hard drive but i have been told to use windows easy transfer software to transfer my music pictures films downloads etc and just use the external drive to do a back up of all other stuff is that correct in what i have read from Microsoft as i don't to lose all my photos etc. Now total confused

  gengiscant 18:51 05 Nov 2010

No need to be confused, I have never used Windows Easy Transfer, as it is simpler, in my opinion to just copy all the folders you want.My Music,My videos,My documents, in fact any folder you want,to your external drive, then just copy them back to your new operating system.

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