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  collinsc 09:54 29 Nov 2008

My VISTA Search funtion deosnt seem to be very good. I dont recall having problems with it before, but i created a document yesterday and searched for it today - typed in the exact name and it did not show (i know it is correct name as i do actually know where it is!)

Why might this be? something to do with indexing!?

all advice appreciated.


  skidzy 10:45 29 Nov 2008

Check your services and see if Windows Search is disabled,if so right click and properties,you should see the startup type...this should be Automatic unless you have selected otherwise.

  collinsc 11:01 29 Nov 2008

right click on the magnifying glass on the search function? - i cant see anywhre where it says "automatic"...
or do you mean somewhere else..? where are the services held? control panel?

  Sea Urchin 11:06 29 Nov 2008

This is how to get to Services in Vista

click here

  collinsc 11:38 29 Nov 2008

ok thanks - yes it is set to automatic already...
any other ideas!?

  mgmcc 11:49 29 Nov 2008

Have a look at "Search Everything" from click here which I find very much better than Vista's own Search facility.

  collinsc 12:00 29 Nov 2008

OK Thanks - ideally though id like to get this sorted - it should work...! (should in italics...)


  mgmcc 12:13 29 Nov 2008

Yes, it *should* work, but I gave up on it. XP's search was IMHO so much better than Vista's.

  collinsc 12:21 29 Nov 2008

ok cheers

  mooly 13:08 29 Nov 2008

Well I don't know if this may help,
click here
I had a problem with constant disc thrashing and turned off the indexer.
A couple of days ago I re enabled it back to Automatic. To be honest I did miss the instant search results. The disc thrashing seems to have stopped as well. I had read somewhere that it can get itself in a knot and disabling for a few boot cycles and then re enabling puts it right.
I would try it. Vistas search is ( should be ) excellent.
You can also manually rebuild the index but I would definitely try the above first. When you re enable it it will take a while to rebuild the full index again.

  mooly 13:11 29 Nov 2008

To rebuild if needed select indexing from control panel. Select advanced and rebuild.

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