Vista reinstall = gaming weirdness?

  fbadt 14:16 27 Apr 2009

Hi all,
Wondered if anyone could help me with something. Recently my Vista corrupted & I had to do a complete harddrive wipe & reinstall for vista and all the drivers, including downloading the latest driver from ATI for my card (I have a 512MB ATI Radeon 4850 Graphics card). When it came to reinstalling my games, some such as MOH Airborne just won't reinstall, they get so far (Usually just past the registration key) then just disappear or hang or install but then won't run, it just kicks back to the desktop, while other much older games which I've never been able to run in Vista, such as Jedi Academy and even really old games such as Messiah and Star Trek Elite Force installed and run fine, despite me trying them before Vista dying and getting nothing. It's not all recent games that aren't loading, just a random few that were perfectly fine first time around. Anyone have clue as to why that would happen? It's nothing to do with that UAC do you think?
Also, I've been trying to install Dreamfall TLJ but I haven't been able to get past the encryption blocking UAC does, although I thought I'd turned it off, am I not turning it off as an Administrator? I just went into Control Panel and turned it off, but I still get a warning bubble every time I log on.
Anyone have any idea what's going on/what I'm doing wrong?

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