Vista Product Key Not Accepted After Re-Install

  onthelimit1 16:18 22 Jan 2013

Toshiba Satellite with damaged hard drive. New drive installed, run Vista disc. All OK until I type in the product key. 'Appears not to be a valid Vista key'. The COA sticker is a little worn, but quite legible, so I'm pretty sure the code is correct. Any suggestions as to where to go from here? Original version and disc are for Home Premium.

  SillBill 16:27 22 Jan 2013

Found this online "OEM copies do sometimes have this problem. If you are sure you are installing the same version of Windows as your product key, install Windows without the product key if necessary and activate using the free phone activation (if online activation is not working, and you make the effort to phone up, Microsoft assume you are telling the truth and activate your copy of Windows anyway) This should fix the problem."

  Chronos the 2nd 16:39 22 Jan 2013

Yes do the phone activation,it is maybe a little long winded but it will work.

  onthelimit1 16:45 22 Jan 2013

Thanks, I'll give that a go.

  lotvic 16:53 22 Jan 2013

You may have mixed up 0 O D or B 8

At what point in the install were you putting the Product key in? It is best to not put it in at the beginning (just click on Next to skip it and skip the auto activation when online part as well) You can put the product key in after (you have 30 days)

You will prob have to (as SillBill said) telephone to activate the product key if it won't do it online.

Most of the keys on the Stickers have been disabled from online activation (that key is different one to the Manufacturers Factory pre-activated key that was used for the original install) and now have to be phone activation.

  SillBill 16:59 22 Jan 2013

I practically always have to use a magnifying glass to be absolutely sure what the printed letters are!

  onthelimit1 17:00 22 Jan 2013

Thanks Lotvic et al - I've had a strong magnifying glass on it. If a number/letter looks marginal, I've tried to alternatives with no success. It doesn't get as far as activation - the message appears when the code has been typed in. Just in the process of trying again.

  SillBill 17:04 22 Jan 2013

Just had a look at one of my COA Keys, none of the letters/numbers are ambiguous! Miracles never cease!

  rdave13 17:11 22 Jan 2013

The recovery discs would have worked, if they were burnt.

  onthelimit1 17:13 22 Jan 2013

rdave. Very true, but I've found very few people bother. I'f I'm setting up a new one for them, I do it for them.

  onthelimit1 17:52 22 Jan 2013

Hmmm. Spoke to a very nice lady in India who is convinced the key is incorrect and suggesting I contact Toshiba to get the correct one. I'm not holding my breath!

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