Vista Premium with Windows XPPro

  badgermansix 06:40 03 Jun 2008

We have just bought a new PC with Vista already installed.
We have XPPro on our other machine. and an external HD360gb.

Is it possible to install Win XPPro with Vista, until we are fully conversant with Vista, and if so how would we do this please?

We have already found that Vista will not support Acronis 8.0 (old but excellent for us with xppro).


  Fingees 10:18 03 Jun 2008

It is possible, but as you have bought a new computer with Vista installed, it is possible that drivers, etc will not work with XP.

It is far easier to keep Vista on one machine and use that system.
It is a lot easier to use than XP anyway, so you should have no problem.
I feel that to dual boot on a new machine, would honestly be more trouble than it's worth.particularly as you say, it is built to run Vista.
I happen to be one of the few, who like Vista, and would not go back to XP.

All the best.

  badgermansix 08:35 04 Jun 2008

Thanks Fingees, you are probably right! we have heard a lot of the downside to Vista that its made us nervous, makes a change to read something positive, we will give it a try.

  ambra4 12:01 04 Jun 2008

How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) the step-by-step guide

click here

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